A Girl and Her Robots

Love this book!

There is a little story that became quite popular in our house a few months back. Really popular.
It is one of the reasons the little one had an outer space birthday party. Mema found Wall-e, but alas, there was no Eve to be found. Apparently they don’t make her anymore (well, the big size version). So that is where I come it. The mom who can make anything! (Not really, just saying what my little one said). How can I not make her an Eve after such a compliment?

Then there was Eve

At the beginning of the next day, Eve was made.

Closing eyes

The little robot pair brings such joy.


And for Wall-e, it was love at first sight.

Wall-e looks so sad!

Apparently, it was love at first sight for my daughter too. Look how sad he is!

Now he has Eve

So we let them have some time together too.

Even has a shirt

What a lovely couple they make!

Fortunately, this story has a good ending. I was able to successfully create an acceptable Eve to be loved.


Here is a story....

The End

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  1. says

    Wow, you dit great, mom!
    Wall-E is really popular in here to, but in the stores they are not selling mutch from it here in Holland… Maby I have sew something for Daniël, but then I really must learn sewing those things, I’m just a starter.

  2. says

    aw, cute! Great job, looks great! My three year old is bonkers for Wall-E too! We’ve taken a break right now and moved on to Heffalumps, but for about two months she just wanted to watch that movie over… and over… and over… and over… and over. And walk around saying Eeeeeeve. Eeeee-eeeeve. EeeeeVAH! The second daughter that I could have anytime between now and foreverandeverpregnantorsoitfeels, her name will be Olivia, and our 3 yr old Nicole wants to call her Eva! funny/cute.

  3. says

    Wall-E is super huge in our house too! You did an awesome job. Any chance we can get a tutorial?! It would totally rock my boys’ world to have their very own Eve!!

  4. says

    Thanks everyone! I did create pattern pieces…I just need to find them all :) lol. Then I will share them.

    What a cool costume!

    My mom found the shirt actually. I don’t remember where, but somewhere. Grandmas are good for going that extra mile :)

  5. says

    OMG! My daughter LOVES Wall-E, too! And for well over a year now! Our house if filled with everything Wall-E. She is having a robot themed 4th birthday in January. I would love a pattern for the Eve doll as we have the same problem around here… three stuffed Wall-Es but no Eve. :(

  6. says

    Oh my word. Your hubs and daughter are so cute! I love the love I can just feel oozing from the computer! :) And fantastic job on the Eve too! You are the mom who can make anything!

  7. says

    Awww…love it! My son went through a HUGE Wall-E stage and we watched it every day for awhile. He is actually being Wall-E for Halloween this year and I’m busy spray painting a box and making foam treads today! Looks like she loves her Eve and doesn’t it make you feel good when they really do love something you’ve made. I get plenty of “Oh, thanks.” so it’s always nice to hear “I love it!!”

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