Glass Dessert Stands How To

Glass Dessert Stands

I made these with the intention of putting cupcakes on them, but I didn’t see any nice premade ones at the store. So, I bought some mix and all. Of course, I didn’t have any cupcake liners when I got home! So I just cut up the cake showing you could put something besides a cupcake on them. I know the idea isn’t new, but I have never seen anyone decorate the glasses or put things underneath of it like this. I wanted to share that with you. Here is a brief how to that will help you get going if you would like to make something of the sort yourself. It’s a great way to add a lot of personalization to your dinner table or party.

What you need:

Gathering Supplies

-Glasses (I bought mine from the dollar store)

-Anything and everything to decorate with (I just used stuff I had, plus some accessories I bought from the dollar store)

-Felt (or you could use a doily, fabric, cork, etc) for the bottom

-Optional: Grip things (also from dollar store; they help keep it in place)

-Hot glue gun

How to do it:

(First are general instructions, then what I did to each further down)

1. Gather your supplies. I started with the basics and then added as my creative juices began to flow. I’m one of those who needs to see it in front of me to put it together. I cannot just picture it in my mind usually.

2. Cut out felt circles to cover the grips if using them. Glue the pieces together. Decorate the felt in any way you like.

Making the bottoms

3. Glue the middle scene onto the middle of the felt. Make sure the glass will fit over it fine.

My creative processing

4. Decorate the glass with paint, ribbons, trim, etc.

The Woodsy Dessert Holder (for my husband)

Woodsy Dessert Stand

I glued the mushrooms, moss, pine cone, and heart pick onto a lid from a jelly jar. I added a paper ribbon around it for embellishment. The string, ticket, and W were embellishments from scrapbook packages from Michael’s. I also added paint dots to the glass and the felt.

The Girly Frills Dessert Holder (for my daughter)

<span class=

I tied ribbons around the neck and glued a vintage bunny figurine with scrapbook embellishments onto it. I sewed around the edge of the felt and added some glitter as well.

The Sewing Dessert Holder (for me; could you guess?)

Sewing Dessert Stand

I glued on buttons and embroidered on the felt. The middle just has some old thread spools I have with a vintage ric rac paper cover behind them. I glued on ric rac and pom pom trim to the glass.
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    I´m very impressed of your blog. I´m still reading it for a while (from far away, because I live in Germany) and I´m very pleased about every new entry.
    Thanks so much for sharing your cute and brilliant ideas.

    Kind regards, Sandra

    I hope my English isn´t tooo bad :-)

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    I had to tell you how amazing you are! I love all the outfits and hair stuff you have whipped up. I couldn’t get enough and last night I looked at you WHOLE “.com” Back to the beginning. I love it! I wanted to share me and my sisters re-vamp/craft site with you
    Love to be inspired and love to share inspiration…so thanks!


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