Glitter Clutch Tutorial

Love these clutches at J.Crew? I do! So, why not make our own then? Here is how I did it:
Transform old ones with some glue and glitter! They make great little gifts or add an extra touch of sparkle to your holiday outfit.

Glitter Clutch How To

-Glue (I used fabric glue)
-Paint Brush
-Finishing Glaze (I used DecoArt Triple Thick Brilliant Gloss Glaze Spray from Michaels)
-Old Clutch (I had these vintage ones I found at a yard sale. I thought about reusing the frame since the fabric was all messed up and cracked, but they were perfect for this project!)


How To:

1. Place a piece of paper down with your purse on top. Paint the glue onto one side.

Painting with Glue

2. Cover in glitter. Let it dry before dumping excess glitter off.

Adding the glitter

3. Dump the extra glitter off onto the paper. Then, save that extra by folding the paper in half to create a funnel to get the glitter back into the container.

4. Repeat those steps on the back.

5. Repeat those steps on the 2 sides.

**Note: You might have to do a second layer of glue and glitter if the clutch has a fabric that soaks up the glue. I had to with the clutch in black glitter.**

6. Spray the glitter covered parts of the purse with a sealant. I used DecoArt Triple Thick Brilliant Gloss Glaze from Michaels. It keeps the glitter in place. Maybe Mod Podge would work as well.

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