Growing Up

 Amidst all of the things going on, my not so little girl went and turned 4 on us this summer and started Pre-K. She was so excited about school! She asked almost every day if it was time to go back.  

She was off with her too big for her book bag and a big smile on her face. I think it is really helping her with the baby being here as well. She gets to go and have fun that I can’t offer at this moment.

We celebrated her 4 year old birthday one week before baby came. It was perfect timing! It was a sort of make shift party, but the theme was Rapunzel.

I was taken aback by how shy she was when everyone sang happy birthday. She’s such an outgoing child that always has attention that it was a shocker. I thought she would really revel in it hahaha.
We had a pinata which was a fail. My hubby had to go and get a golf club to break it open. See that bat in the picture? Yeah, he ended up breaking that first trying to get it open. The cardboard was stronger than a bat. That reminds me, we need to get a new one for our neighbors as it was theirs.


Here I am with princess. I was so big and preggers and my ankles were ginormous! Good thing you can’t see them in this picture ;)


For her birthday outfit, we got a cupcake shirt and then I made the pants to go with it. They are so cute! I love little pants like these. And of course, I had to make some hair accessories. You can make some like these yourself with this tutorial or I have them for sale in my shop too.


4 years. Whew. The first part went by slow, but now it’s flying by. I am so happy to be this girl’s momma!

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    Hi! Just had to write – I love reading your blog! The picture with you and your little girl is just amazing! Preschool has been such a great experience for my family – I hope your little girl loves it too! Congratulations to you and your family!

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    Aww Jess, the journey is amazing isn’t it? My eldest turns 4 this month, and I often wonder where the years have gone. Just over a year and he will be off to big school! Yikes!
    Miss Smiley looks so gorgeous! I bet she give you amazing hugs. Enjoy this phase in your life honey! :)
    S xox

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    I’m not a mother yet, but I feel for all the moms that sent their child to school for the first time this year. I have never felt that before and I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to see them walk through the doors, all grown up. One day…. :D

    Her pants are SOOOO CUTE! And you looked very beautiful on her birthday as well!

    Congrats on your new baby!!!!

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    My 4 year olds start today! It’s such fun teaching these little ones! I know you’ll have a great year (and what lucky teachers she has to have you hanging around (and for homemade Christmas gifts!) -I could not have used anymore !s in this commment. -1st day of school must be exciting for me!

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    4polinka, I didn’t make the horse but it would be fun to try and make one :)

    Kelly, if I make it through PR&R a few more weeks, one of the outfits I plan on doing is with fun pants like these and I’ll do a tutorial. If not, I’ll get to it at some point :) lol

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    do you mind sharing where you found the dress you’re wearing? I am going through my first pregnancy and have grown much faster than a lot of first-timers :) I love your blog – have been browsing all day (linked to from “I Make Stuff” :) Thanks for sharing all your great ideas – you are beautiful!

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