It has happened. I can no longer officially wear my regular pants. My baby belly has begun!

I’m trying to document my pregnancy better this time, so I had my hubby take these a few weeks ago. I am already scheming for some fun photo shoots when I REALLY have a big belly :)

After I finish some custom orders, I am going to work on sewing some new maternity clothes (which are desperately needed).

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    I hope your baby will be as beautiful aw your little girl and with such bright eyes!But your belly is like mine when i eat more than i supposed to! And that’s every day! Salutes from Greece!(excuse my english!)

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    You look stunning! I hope you’re feeling better now. I’m 14 weeks along and I’m starting to feel like eating something other than cheese sandwiches, haha. If you have any tips on sewing maternity clothes or even adapting regular patterns for maternity proportions, I would love posts on that. I’m looking to sew some myself, but I’m not sure how to adjust the patterns. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

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    Oh, please post about sewing maternity clothes! I’m 14 weeks along and really would like to make some for myself, but I’m not sure how to get the proportions right. You look beautiful, by the way! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

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    Beautiful photos of you Jessica!

    If you like skirts, I have the great pattern for a really great knit maternity skirt.
    Remind me and I’ll send over the pattern info for it.
    You’ll love it.

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    Glad you posted these! I am currently 12 weeks pregnant (I suspect you’re 13 or so, because your header has been changed for a while) and just yesterday I showed my husband your photo and said, “Can you take a picture of me like that!” Haha. Mine didn’t come out as nice, but we’re not very good photographers!

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    You look so beautiful! :)
    Just a little tip you might like – I used a hair elastic threaded through the hole in my pants, with the button poked throught it like a regular button hole for all of my first pregnancy, and about 2/3 of my second pregnancy. It made my regular pants go the distance, and saved me a bunch on maternity clothing. (I only needed tops for most of the first pregnancy and I wore dresses and such at the end of both pregnancies as it was Spring).
    Can’t wait to see more belly pics :)

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    You look gorgeous! And you have such a beautiful, flattering figure. *Jealous*
    I know exactly what you mean! I actually don’t have even one belly picture of my 2nd pregnancy. I just realized this a few months ago and I was heartbroken. I keep meaning to take one, the night before I got all set up (cute outfit, hair done, etc.) I went into labor :/

    So congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

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    Oh, Jessica. You look stunning! So beautiful and serene. What an amazing time for you. I am EAGERLY anticipating what fabulous creations you come up while waiting for this baby to arrive. Fun for you…fun for us! :)

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