Handmade Christmas Present Idea #7: Quilt Square Baby Blocks

Quilt Square Baby Blocks

Have a little one you need to make a quick gift for? Quilt Square Baby Blocks are your answer! They are soft, stackable, and with lots of pictures to keep the little one entertained. What you do first, if you need all the extra time you can get, is head on over to Etsy or Ebay and buy precut quilt squares. I bought a lot from Ebay that had all sorts of prints without any repeats. If you want to cut the squares yourself, you can do that as well. Choose whatever size you want. Now for the construction.

1. You will need 6 squares to make one block, so put together what squares you want for each block. You will also need stuffing, a sewing machine (optional), needle, and thread.
2. Sew four of the squares, right sides facing, together in a line.
Sew the two ends together with right sides facing.

3. Sew one square to the top of the four squares.
4. Sew last square on bottom, but leave one of the four sides open for stuffing. (I did sew the ends of that one side with the middle open though for an easier finish).

5. Stuff the block with stuffing. You could add a jingle bell or something in it if you want.

6. Hand sew or machine sew the opening shut.

All done :)
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