Handmade Christmas Present Idea #1: Purse Hooks

Since Christmas is moving closer, I’m going to begin sharing different things you can make for Christmas presents. Many will be things I’m doing myself, but also just some good ideas that others have shared. The first handmade Christmas idea is for the ladies. It’s purse hooks.
No more putting your purse on the floor where it can get dirty‚Ķ. or behind your chair where it can be stolen. A purse hook allows you to hang your purse close at hand from the edge of the table when dining out, rather than on the back of your chair or on the floor.”
You can purchase them plain and then decorate them yourself. I bought a lot of them on Ebay (although I can’t find any on there now), and it was about $25, including shipping, for 10 of them. Once I find the card that came with them I will post the info. Here is what I did to mine:
Fabric Covered Purse Hook
Purse Hooks
I first cut out circles of fabric that fit on top. Then I put mod podge on the top round part, place the fabric on it, and let it dry for a little bit. Then I put even more mod podge on top of the fabric. The beauty of doing it like this is if it is messed up, you can remove the fabric and redo it. I haven’t done this yet, but I’m going to place a picture on the other side of the round top so it can have something on both sides. I have seen people make these by decorating with scrapbook paper, vintage jewelry, rhinestones, buttons, etc. Have fun and be creative!
Update On Where to Find Blank Purse Hooks:
I found some places and will post the links, but if they ever do not work or offer them, the key words you want to google or search Ebay, etc. with is “blank purse hook.” That is what they will come up under.
This Ebay Store, imsohooked, offer blank purse hooks that are also a compact mirror. A bit more expensive, but very cool.
The next Ebay store is where I ordered mine from, journey8. They have just plain blank purse hooks.
Here is an online store I found that offers them too, but it’s more expensive.
Let me see pictures if anyone makes these :)
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  1. says

    I’ve been looking all over for instructions on how to create your own purse hooks because I wanted to make some for Christmas gifts. I have been unable to find the plain hooks anywhere. If you know where to get them, I’d love to know. THANKS!

  2. says

    Thanks for this information. What kind of fabric do you use?

    Also, did you find the card with directions on how to decorate the purse hook?


  3. says

    You are welcome :) I used regular cotton fabric. The card I was speaking of was the business card from the seller that came with the hooks. I did find it and they are listed in the links. I know there are other ways to decorate because I have seen some beautiful ones on Etsy.com. Let me know if you find out any other creative things to do :)

  4. says

    I love purse hooks! I’m using one from Luxe Link http://luxelink.com/. They have great designs to choose from. This foldable purse hook can be used in a few different ways. When the hook is not in use, it can also be hung on the outside of your purse to be used as a decorative purse charm. And they offer custom designs too.. So cool!

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