Handmade Christmas Present #9: Upgraded Scarves

Upgraded Scarves
These would be quick to make, if you are used to sewing, and needed a last minute gift. I wanted to make something for some of the girls in the family who are into fashion. I took these normal scarves that you can find at Walmart for $5 each and made them all ruffly. Here is a quick how to. You will need a scarf, matching thread, elastic thread, and a sewing machine. You need to figure out how far apart you want to sew the lines on the scarf to make it ruffle. Since the ones I used had fringe, I just went by those. I made a straight line down the scarf every six threads and on the very edges, I made lines after the first two fringes. To sew the lines, use the coordinating thread in the top of the machine and use the elastic thread in the bobbin. Sew the straight lines and after each line, sew the elastic and thread together at the starting point and then at the ending point. Make sure that you use a smaller stitch when sewing on thin fabrics. And be sure to always sew with the same side facing up (you can see the elastic, so it looks best if it’s all on one side).
"Where's your tongue?"
The one eyebrow raise
Green Scarf Upgrade
White Scarf Upgrade
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  1. says

    So elegant, so clever, I love the handbags you made as well, when do you have time for all the creativity? I love checking in to see what you’ve been making, thanks for the inspirations! Merry Christmas, to your little family!

  2. says

    I’ll share my secret with you on how I get so much done. About once a week or every two weeks, I will get a good chunk of alone time. I just go craft crazy after getting some cleaning done and then slowly share what I’ve done. So, it seems like I’m doing stuff all the time, when really I just hord the pics and spread everything out. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well :)

  3. says

    I just spent a good part of my day going through your entire blog. I love your tutorials and marked several that I want to try!! You inspired me to pull out my sewing machine that I haven’t sewed on for over 5 years! Thank you! I love that you have a little girl just older than mine so I can get lots of ideas. :)

  4. says

    Omigosh. I tried to do this by hand-sewing since I am too lazy to get my sewing machine out of storage, and it is a total Craft Fail! Whoops! Love your tutorials, even if I can’t always make them work. :P


  5. says

    I love this! I was reading though your blog, found theses scarves and knew I had to make one for my niece for Christmas! I added the link to this post from my blog. Thanks for sharing with us! You have several more tutorials I am going to try. :)

  6. says

    First let me say I LOVE the scarfs! Very Chic. Next can we get a tutorial on your hair? Your hair always looks so nice and I’m both jealous and curious as to how you do it. :)

  7. Cari says

    I am very much a beginner when it comes to sewing and thought this was such a very cute and creative project for me to try. How did you get the scarf to scrunch up, did you do something special?

  8. says

    Cari, You do what is called “shirring” to get it to scrunch up. It’s basically just using elastic thread in your bobbin instead of regular thread. If you search the term “how to shirr” or “shirring” online, a bunch of tutorials will come up. Have fun :)

  9. says

    “Do happen to have a “before” pic? I was wondering if the scarf was rectangled or square?”

    I do not have a before picture, but it is a rather large rectangular scarf. They are still very popular and I see them in all kinds of stores.

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