Handmade Christmas Present Idea #2: Dress Up For Girls

My little ballerina butterfly

I made this for my little one’s costume for our church’s Harvest Festival, but it would make a great gift to any little girl who loves to play dress up. It’s really simple to do and the materials needed aren’t expensive at all.
- Tulle (I found it easiest to buy some that was on a roll; it’s already just 6 inches or so wide, so you would only have to cut the length instead of the width and length from tulle off a bolt)
You could use one color or more. Be creative :)
-1/4′ Elastic in the length of your child’s waist measurement

Here we go:
1. Measure child’s waist and cut elastic to that length.
2. Sew elastic end together to form a circle
3. Cut tulle in the length you desire (you can make the skirt long, or short like mine, or somewhere inbetween). *if off the bolt, cut the width of each strip as well. You will need many strips. The more you have, the fuller the skirt will be.
4. Last, tie the strips around the piece of elastic. To do this, place the middle of the tulle strip under the elastic and then tie a knot with the tulle. Continue doing this until you have acheived the fullness you desire.

You can add flowers, ribbon, etc. You could also make a wand to go with it. Here is a link of a pattern. Or, what about wings???? Here is a link on how to make all sorts of wings! A tiara as well?? Here is a link for a pattern to make a tiara!

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  1. says

    Just a thought if you ever want to make wings take 4 wire coat hangers bend them to look like tear drops then wire two of them together pull nylons/tights in any color over the two that are wired together, then do the same with the other two and decorate with sparkle and glitter makes a fun gift too. Just a thought.

  2. says

    You just knot the pieces on evenly. There are better tutorials out there with pics. Just search “tutu tutorial” or no sew tutu and a lot will come up to help you out better :)

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