Her New Toy

Remember the post where I shared I was having the privilege of product review this easel? Well, it came a few days ago and boy, have we had some fun with it!

Chalk Time
CSN was a great company to work with. They are excellent at communicating and I received it in good timing.
We Luv It
Right when it was delivered, my little one begged me to open it for her. She plays with it a lot. I like it too because I can even take it outside! It’s easy to clean too since it’s made of plastic. I also like that it folds up. We will be moving a lot, so the easier to pack, the better! When she’s older, I’ll let her do more with it, like use markers on the dry erase board, but for now the magnets, chalk board, and paper clips to hold paper for coloring are great.
Candy Break
She had to take a candy break during our “photo shoot” to enjoy some candy as well. Look at what filled our basket up today:
The cart never looked so pretty

I have never had such a bright fun purchase! You will see some of this again ;)

What we got at the store
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  1. says

    I just got one of those from Wal-Mart this week…. not for $12 bucks, though. That’s awesome. Ours is pink and purple and soooo cute.

    I gave my girls the dry erase markers and two seconds later I was cleaning the chalkboard side with nail polish remover…. good plan to wait on that.

  2. Apryl says

    Hey, just found your blog and am loving it so far! Just wanted to let you know, I typed in ‘t-shirt refashion’ and your red knit top was the first photo up on Google images. Congrats on your fame!

    Oh, and to make this relative to this post: we have a plastic child’s desk that was a Christmas gift last year and I have to say, that easel look so much more usable and practical than the desk!

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