Honor and Remember

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

On December 29, 2005, George Anthony Lutz II (Tony) was killed by a sniper’s bullet while he was on patrol in Fallujah, Iraq. His family and friends endured the shock, emotional agony and overwhelming loss that accompanied the news of Tony’s death, just like the many families who have suffered the same tragedy.

In the months that followed Tony’s funeral, his father, George, visited other families who had lost loved ones in the Iraq war. He began to sense that he had joined the ranks of a unique fellowship. These families were only the latest additions to a group that originated with the American Revolution, when the first soldiers to shed their blood for our freedom gave their lives.

George found another commonality among the families of fallen soldiers. After their grief had transitioned to numbness and finally to acceptance, many families wanted to know two things: their sacrifice was not in vain and the nation would never forget. These concerns led George on a quest to discover if there was a universally recognized symbol that specifically acknowledges the American service men and women who never made it home. To his surprise, he found nothing. Thus the Honor and Remember Flag was conceived.”
excerpt from the Honor and Remember Origins page

Both my husband and I are were honored to know Tony Lutz and his family. Please take a moment to visit the Honor and Remember website and sign the petition to establish this flag as a national emblem to remind of everyone of the daily sacrifice made by the members of the military and the lives lost.

Today I honor and remember all who have served in the military and all who have given their lives for this country. Thank you. Thank you to all the family members and loved ones who supported them and sacrificed as well. I appreciate you. From our military family to yours.

God Bless America.

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    I signed up, there is my name on top, looks like a few of your friends might have too! God bless those who serve!

    32735 31-May-10 San McManamon Bay Village OH
    32734 31-May-10 Randy Carlisle Waco TX
    32733 31-May-10 Lisa San Diego CA
    32732 31-May-10 Jenni Carlisle Waco TX
    32731 31-May-10 Sheri Frenden Chicago IL
    32730 31-May-10 Emily DeCap Waynesville MO
    32729 31-May-10 Emily DeCap Waynesville MO
    32728 31-May-10 Ashlee Mason Kailua HI
    32727 31-May-10 Heidi Kartchner Las Vegas NV
    32726 31-May-10 Larry Glasscock Fort Richardson AK
    32725 31-May-10 Timothy Davis Mumford NY
    32724 31-May-10 John Brooks Tinley Park IL

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    Thanks so much for sharing, I signed as soon as I finished reading your post. I was shocked when I googled yesterday to see how many lives have been lost fighting for our country. Over 4.1 Million! I read on FB yesterday, there are only 2 people willing to give their lives for you. Jesus & the American Soldier. God Bless each & every one of them :) ~ 11 year AF vet

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    Thank you so much for posting this on your blog, I may not otherwise have heard of it. I signed my name on the petition, as well as posted it on my facebook, asking all of my friends to do the same. My grandfather was proud to have served in the Army for 21 years and my husband has family in Afghanistan right now…fallen, retired, POW/MIA and serving…they all deserve to be honored.

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