Hop to It Sock Bunny Tutorial

I recently saw a sock bunny a crafty lady made over at Tip Junkie (great blog to check out!). I liked the idea, but I wanted one that was more in an upright position. Looking at a sock, this idea came very quickly to me. It was really fast to make as well. This is an especially good project if you have some socks that have lost its partner.
Sock Bunny How To 9

What you need:
-One sock
-Sewing needle
-Embellishments (Ex.: pom poms, felt, safety eyes, ribbon, etc. Whatever you want to decorate it with at the end)

1. Lay the sock flat
Sock Bunny How To 1

2. Cut the foot of the sock to make the ears (if using and adult sock, it’s almost 4.5 inches down).
Sock Bunny How To 2

3. Cut a small square on each side of the bottom part (the part of the sock that keeps it up).
Sock Bunny How To 3

4. Turn the sock inside out and hand sew the ears up
Sock Bunny How To 4

5. Sew the bottom a little bit on each side leaving an opening in the middle (make sure it is a decent size, as this is where you will turning the sock back out at)
Sock Bunny How To 5

6. Open the squares at the bottom and sew the openings closed *see pic, I can’t find the right words to use*(this creates a square bottom so it stands). Do the same to the other side.
Sock Bunny How To 6

7. Now turn the sock right side out through the hole that is left on the bottom.

8. Stuff the sock bunny the way you desire.
Sock Bunny How To 7

9. Stitch up the bottom.
Sock Bunny How To 8

10. Have fun finishing it up. Add a ribbon around the neck; add pom poms for a nose and tail; make your own eyes or use safety eyes, buttons, etc).
Sock Bunny How To

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