How To Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpieces

I have received quite a few emails about the tower vase centerpieces I have posted in the past. I decided I should do a post solely dedicated to how I made them and what I have learned in the process. This might be a long post, but I will cover as much as I can to bring any help I can to those endeavoring to make this type of centerpiece.

First, let’s discuss a cheaper way to acquire the tower vase. There are always those 20% off your entire purchase from Michael’s in bridal magazines that you could use. Glass vases are typically cheaper at wholesale florist shops as well. See if anyone has any you could borrow (the ones I bought for my wedding have been used in 4 other weddings as of now!). If you know other brides to be and they want to use that type of vase, go in on it together, splitting the costs. You can also rent them, but in this area the way the prices are you might as well buy them and not worry about the hassle.

Second: What can go in the bottom? You can fill the bottom up with a variety of things to add to the centerpiece. Here is a short list of options if you choose: fish gravel, rocks, gems, sand, moss, floralytes, coffee beans, jelly beans, fake water stuff, real water, etc.

Third: How to arrange
The first simple arrange is both cost effective and easy to do. You could use any type of larger flower for this. Just take about 3-4 flowers, place them in the vases so they are on different levels, and then add some grass like plant or you could add stick like accents. Here is one I put together in 1 minute from some flowers laying around.
Pink Calla Lily Tower Vase Centerpiece

Second is another easy and cost effective arrangement. Go to the craft store and find a “bunch” of flowers that you like. Example:
A Bunch of Wisteria from Michaels
Poof them out, place in centerpiece, and then arrange to your liking.
Easy as 1 2 3
Very little hassle at all. You could add some more flowers or greenery if you want it more filled in. Here is one we did but added two large purple white lilies and some butterflies to it.
Simple Purple Tower Vase Centerpieces

Third way to arrange is with a styrofoam ball or a bouquet holder. For the styrofoam ball, use one that is a decent size (this one is too small, but all I could find to show how) How to Tower Vase Idea
and that would be soft enough to squoosh onto top of the vase. Use flowers and greenery to cover the ball to achieve the look you are going for. It’s basically the same thing with a bouquet holder, but you just decorate the holder the way you want then just stick it in the vase. Many of the pictures below use that method. You can do that for real or fake flowers. It’s easier to transport that way as well because you can have the vase and top seperate while traveling.
Here are some pictures from flickr of some centerpieces made up.

Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpieces on Flickr
**Please click on link to find out more about the photographer and designer of these pictures.**
Fourth is to use feathers! I found this neat tutorial on Save on Crafts. Isn’t this neat looking? I might cost a little, but it would be easy to make. The lights used in these arrangements are the floralytes mentioned earlier.
Feather Tower Vase Centerpiece Tutorial from Save on Crafts

Last, is to add a tree branch and decorate it to your liking. Here is one with moss in the bottom and a tree branch from my parent’s back yard. I’m going to add origami butterflies, but you could use the feather butterflies, birds, ornaments, jewels, crystals, etc. to decorate it.

Tree Branch in Tower Vase

So there you go. May this help many out there acheive their wedding dream. Blessings.
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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much!!! I have been searching for some decent pictures and ideas for my white tower vases, and your site is the only place I found some real advise! Totally helped me out!

  2. says

    I feel the same as anonymous…we have been looking for good examples on how to use the eiffel tower vases and yours have been the best by far. We want to use flowers not feathers and now we know what we want to do. Thank you so much!

  3. Anonymous says

    You are a lifesaver. I knew I wanted these vases, got them and didnot know what to do with them. But thank you a bunch! God Bless!!!

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