How to Make a Pom-Pom Crochet Blanket

How to Make a Pom-Pom Crochet Blanket | happy together
I recently finished making this super soft and fluffy crocheted blanket and want to share how I did it. I made it so fast and was so pleased with the end result. I have seen afghans with pom-poms on them and had been wanting to create one that would fit in with my living room.

How to Make a Pom-Pom Crochet Blanket | happy together
It currently resides on this amazing chair I purchased while in visiting Virginia. And yes. I stuffed it (along with 4 other chairs) into our van to make the trek back to Louisiana. It was a good deal and I had been looking for a chair like this forever with no luck. What can I say?

How to Make a Pom-Pom Crochet Blanket | happy together
This how to is a bit general, as you can make it any size you want and all. I ended up using around 16 skeins of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool Yarn from Michaels. No matter what yarn you use, pick a thick and chunky kind. There are many brands that make this type of yarn. I also used my really big plastic crochet hook. It doesn’t have the size on it, but I would say it’s around the size P. You will also need scissors, a yarn needle, and a sewing machine.

To make the blanket, you start by making the first row of chain (ch) stitches. Make this length the approximate size you desire the blanket to be. Note: The yarn will have some stretch, so pull on it to see if it will stretch much further than your desired width. If it does, make the row shorter. Then start the second row one ch away from the hook. Do double crochet stitches (dc) across. At the end of the second row, {ch 2 and turn. DC on the front loop only of the second stitch in. Continue to dc in the front loop only across.} Then repeat from { to } until it is the length you want it.

After the final row, single stitch (sc) around the edges on the blanket 3 to 4 times. This helps keep the blanket from stretching a lot on the edges. Tip: When stitching around edge, do 3 sc on the corners for a smoother edge. Knot loose ends together where you started/stopped yarn  and weave in using your yarn needle. Weave beginning and ending yarn ends in as well (I also knot them around some of the yarn in the stitches for extra hold).

How to Make a Pom-Pom Crochet Blanket | happy together
For the pom-poms, I made them the good old fashion way. On my hand. I just wrapped the yarn around my open/flat hand until it was the thickness I desired. Then I tied a piece of yarn around the middle. To keep these from coming apart, I sewed down the middle using a sewing machine. I was scared to sew them on the sewing machine, but it went well. I took my time and used a sewing needle for jeans as well as put the machine stitch setting on a large stitch. I kind of had to flatten the pom out a bit to fit it under the sewing foot, but they still turned out puffy. After the poms are sewn, cut off the ends and trim to achieve desired look.

How to Make a Pom-Pom Crochet Blanket | happy together
I ended up making 18 poms, 9 for each side. Make as many as you like. You could do this on all four sides, but all the blankets I looked at online just had them on two sides. I kind of spaced them out to my liking and then cut a piece of yarn and sewed them each in place using the yarn needle. I made sure they were really secure and then triple knotted the ends. Trim any excess strings.

How to Make a Pom-Pom Crochet Blanket | happy together
My girls have already gotten their hands on this blanket many times and it’s holding up really well. I plan to wash it as needed, according to the yarns instructions. I will probably even hand wash it to be on the safe side. I love the extra detail it adds to our living area and it will also be a great photo prop. Now we wait for it to actually cool down so we can snuggle under it and drink hot chocolate. Come on fall!


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      Thank you :D I’m such a sucker for awesome old chairs. I told my family maybe one day I will have a store that only sells chairs lol


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