Ribbon Rings Tutorial

Orange Ribbon Rings

The site the tutorial was originally used on is now shut down, so here it is. I learned my lesson. Always keep a copy of tutorials somewhere else! I usually do, but I didn’t for this one for some reason. These are simple rings and easy to whip up. Here is what you will need:

-Needle and coordinating thread
-Hot Glue Gun
-Small piece of felt
-Elastic (like a broken hair elastic)
-Beads, etc. for the center
-Candle for heat sealing

1. To begin, cut a piece of ribbon. I made mine 12″ long. The green one shown was two layers, so I made the bottom layer piece longer and the top layer a few inches shorter.

2. Run the ends of the ribbon over a candle flame to melt them. This creates a seal and it will not fray.

3. Thread your needle with thread that coordinates with the ribbon you are using. Knot the end.

4. Start by securing the thread on one of the short ends of the ribbon.

5. Now do a baste stitch down the short side…..

6. Then turn at the end and continue the baste stitch down the long side.

7. Once at the end, pull the thread tight to gather it up. It creates a ruffle look.

8. Then sew the two short ends together once it is gathered how you like it.

9. Sew on any beads, buttons, etc. to the top middle at this point as well.

10. Using a dime and a nickel, I cut out small circles of felt for each ring. This will go underneath.

11. Cut thin pieces of elastic hairband to 2.25″ long.

12. Take your hot glue gun and glue each end of the elastic to the center bottom of the ribbon.

13. Then hot glue the piece of circle felt on top of the elastic ends. This covers the ends and also the threads from sewing on the middle pieces.

*Tip #1: You can also place two pieces right on top of each other for a double one layer.

*Tip #2: You can also make two ribbon rounds and glue the smaller one on top of the bigger one.

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