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Where has this week gone? I have spent most of it outside enjoying the wonderful weather!

We spent a wonderful week together and just focused on some things around here. It was fantastic! I don’t have much to show for myself because what I have been working on is still “secret” at the So, here are some fabulous things others have created! Enjoy, be inspired, and if you make something using a Happy Together tutorial, add it to the Flickr group :)
Su is amazing at refashions! Seriously. Here is her Cardigan with a Twist.
Check out this clutch Kristen made based on the Placemat Clutch. Cute, huh?
And, a Happy Together reader, Catie sent me this link to a super cute crocheted sock monkey hat pattern she created! I might have to make my little one a hat :)

PS.. Does anyone know how to make pics bigger on blogger with a Mac? On my pc, I used to be able to click on the pic and enlarge it, but can’t anymore and photobucket only lets me make them this big. Help anyone?

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  1. says

    Under settings-basic-global settings- make sure you choose “updated editor”. I have a mac and when I upload pics, it gives me the option of small, med, large, xlarge. But I’m uploading them directly from my computer…not sure about photobucket. Good luck!

  2. says

    on my mac i can just click and make them bigger, but i don’t use photobucket at all, just the uploader thats in blogger.

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