It was all Purple

I was going through my bag of clothing to upcycle/refashion, and I found this purple t-shirt.

The Shirt to refashion

I was in the mood for something quick to make yesterday, so during J’s nap, I made this little outfit.

Purple T-shirt Refashion into this

I used a dress of hers to cut out the two pieces to make the dress. I cut it with the bottom of the t-shirt to be the bottom of the dress, so that was less sewing I had to do. I sewed up the insides and did a v stitch over the raw edges of the arm holes and sleeves.

The Back

Then with the left overs, I cut five pieces to make the ruffles. I just winged it. The middle one was the longest, followed by two on each side, then even smaller ones beside those. I just basted down the center of each strip, pulled the back thread until it ruffled like I wanted it, and sewed them on side by side.


I made ruffles for her shoes too, using my tutorial here to create how to fit them on. I just sewed the Velcro right onto the material though instead of making a felt base because I didn’t need to.

The shoe ruffles

I then cut two more small strips and ruffled them to make a headband. I made them long enough to cover the part of her head you would see, then sewed them to elastic to make a headband that stays on.

The Headband

I’m thinking of doing a shirt like this for me. I’m such a fan of jersey material, especially here where it’s been hot lately.

Sitting Pretty
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  1. says

    OMG!!! This has to be the most adorable t-shirt refashion ever! I’m working on my tutorial for the halter dress I made but I may just throw it out now! I LOVE it!!!

  2. says

    This is such a great idea! You make everything look SO easy… I am in the process of finding a sewing machine. But looking at your posts, I may also have to find a baby to dres….haha Love your blog!

  3. says

    You & all your awesome t-shirt recons knock me out! This one is sooo cute. I hope I have a little girl someday (and that I figure out how to use my serger so I can sew t-shirts more easily.

    By the way, has a Generation T t-shirt recon contest going on right now, and you should totally submit some of your tutorials. You will win with the red anthro t-shirt recon!! Make a video for them and you automatically get some goodies.

  4. says

    Every post I see more and more of the stylist and artist in you! I predict a long and amazing career for you Jessica, that little doll of yours is so lucky to have you as a mommy! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. says

    this is FABULOUS!

    Do you have any step by step pictures or a tutorial on how to make the ruffles on her dress? i love those on tank tops (j.crew…ahem…expensive) and I would love to make one for myself!

    thanks :)

  6. says

    So creative! I am jealous. Gorgeous little girl too! I have a quick question, please. What is a v stitch? I would love to make this for my daughter – ooohh, just a tank shirt would be cute too. Thanks for the idea. I love your blog.

  7. says

    “do you have a step by step with pictures on how to make the ruffles?”

    I will get one up in the day or two. I’m going to do a onesie like this, so it works out great.

    “what’s a v-stitch?”

    I don’t have a serger, so when I do raw edges on jersey/knits I just use the stitch that looks like a v from the stitch choices. I’m not sure it’s exact name, but it’s #6 on my sewing machine :)

  8. says

    Thank you for the v-stitch. I would like a serger – I have no idea how to use one, but I am game to learn. I love the dress, I like I will have to try it. Thanks again!

  9. says

    Love the new header! Your daughter has to be the most fashionable girl at church!

    Oh and random but your about me doesn’t show up when you click the link!

  10. says

    Thank-you for the pattern. My son is a swimmer, and I used one of his old swim shirts and converted into a toddler dress for my 18mo daughter. Instead of roses on the bottom, I did Hawaiian lay flowers. It was perfect for her to where to his swim meets and cheer him on. :)

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