It’s Almost Father’s Day…..

I haven’t made anything new this year (well, except something I will be sharing tomorrow) for Father’s Day, but remember these pictures I did last year? (original inspiration for pictures is actually from one of my sponsors, The Rusted Chain, found here)




Here is one that Happy Together reader Marie from Chasing Rays did:

dad photo

It’s really quick and easy to do. I purchased some wooden letters from the craft store and covered them in bright coordinating paper. Then I took the little one outside and took a bazillion pictures. I ended up having some good ones and turned them into black and white with only the color letters showing. Here is how to do that in Photoshop Elements if you have it:

1. Open desired photo
2. Choose quick selection tool
3. Use the tool and paint brush strokes inside of what you want to be color (in this case the letter).
4. Go to the Select menu and choose inverse , so you have everything selected but the letter.
5. Go to the Enhance menu, then to Adjust Color, and choose Remove Color.

That should do it.

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  1. says

    i totally JUST did this like 2 seconds ago before i opened up your post! still have one kiddo whose at a friends house that i have to get with the “D” and then i’m done! i bought an awesome 3-pic frame today at joann’s for $10 too!

  2. says

    Awesome! Did this last year with the baby…. And just got the letters (last years got really chewed up since they were foam and she was 1yr old. Now the toddler will get to have some fun running around for pics tomorrow! I plan on replacing the photos every year (just putting them in front of last years).

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