It’s Circle Time

with some fun nursery rhymes!!!! Pull up your carpet squares and check out these fun onesies.

Nursery Rhyme Silhouette Onesies

Now, stand up and stretch to the sky!!! And reach down to your toes!!!! Allright, let’s go!!!
I guess I’m just on a little nursery rhyme kick, huh? And silhouettes for that matter. I have been inspired by the book I bought for my daughter when she had to get her ear pierced again (which is a big ol’ book of nursery rhymes). They are so fun and whimsical that they can inspire all kinds of cuteness.

All in a row

I found the fabulous silhouette clip art here at Mother Goose to use for freezer paper stenciling. I just saved them and sized them to my liking in Word. Then printed them off and traced them on the non-shiny side of the wax paper, cut them out, ironed them on, and went to town with painting.

My daughter even helped me! She likes to paint. And another fun part for me? It was my first time to ever use real fabric paint. I usually have just used the acrylic stuff I had on hand and ironed it to seal it in, but DecoArt sent me some fantastic and colorful fabric paint!!!! You can find their stuff at most craft stores and online.

My amazing paint from DecoArt!

It’s so much softer and better to use on clothing. I will only ever use true fabric paint for freezer paper stenciling again!

For a girl

The girly nursery rhyme onesies are going to find a home in Canada with the Dish and the Spoon.

For a boy

The boyish ones will be kept on standby. It’s always nice to have some already made baby presents on hand. You never know!

I originally planned to just do the girl ones, but I just couldn’t resist doing more!

Circle Time!
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  1. says

    Hmmm, I’ll have to give this brand a try. I’ve been in freezer paper stencil mode, trying out different fabric paints/methods. Now another one got put on the list!

  2. says

    I love your photos here Jess! And especially that white quilt they’re all laying on. Did you make that??

    Very cute idea. Love it!

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