It’s over

August Wedding
The wedding went very well. I have more pics on my Flickr. While it was fun and all, I am glad it is over and I can use my time for some other things now. I have a dress cut out that I cannot wait to begin sewing. It’s going to be so cute. I’m using some fabric that I bought at a yard sale the other weekend. Let me tell you about this yard sale; it was almost all fabric! It took forever to look at everything. Three sisters were selling it. Their mother had been an interior decorator and had passed away, so they were selling her fabric stash. I got three hug tubs of fabric for $7 each! One bigger one for $10 and some extra individual pieces as well. If I had more money, I probably would have bought them out (not that I have anywhere to put any of it already, but you know how us fabric people are ;). Have a great night!

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