Keren’s Bridal Shower

Warning: This post will contain a lot of pictures.
The theme of this bridal shower was bright and happy.

Bridal Shower Invitations

I found these invitations at Michaels a few months ago. They were five for $1, which was crazy because the cutout on them was so pretty!

Welcoming Table
This was the welcoming table where the guests filled out their name and address on an envelope for a prize drawing (but it was also to help Keren make thank you cards easier to finish).

I also had them write either their birthday or anniversary on a card with their name. The date closest to Keren and Ben’s wedding date was the winner.
Cupcake Table Yay for Cupcakes!
I made simple cupcakes. I seperated white batter into different bowls and added food coloring to make each a different color. Then I just globbed each color in one at a time to create the look.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Food Table Decorations

This is where the origami butterflies ended up! I used three metal round wreath making things to hang them on. Then I added a garland of greenery from the Dollar Store to the top to cover it up. I love how they turned out!

A Glance
We strung a ton of paper lanterns on the ceiling. I bought them from Michael’s ($1 each) and some from the Dollar Store.

Simple Table Decorations
I used vases that my mom had kept from my wedding. I added Easter basket grass (which was on sale for only $.35 a bag at Walmart) to the vase then arranged five Gerber daises in it (some from Dollar Store, some from Michael’s). Then I tied a bunch of curling ribbon around the top of the vase. Last, I scattered more of the Easter grass around it on the table.

The Favors

My grandmother helped me by saving tons and tons of toilet paper rolls for these favors. I glued a piece tissue paper on them (I made them with different colors to go with the theme), then added a piece of wrapping paper to the middle part. I used curling ribbon to tie on end, added candy, then tied more curling ribbon on the other side. Finally, we glued a flower onto each one. Thanks to Isa, Sarah, and my mom for helping put these together!

My hubby helped a lot

Also thank you to my wonderful hubby who helped put all the paper lanterns on the ceiling, rearrange the room, set up food, etc. I love you!!!!!

Bridal Shower Collage

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    Wow, what a beautiful shower, so timely! Love the fresh touches, submit this to Country Living, I am sure they are looking for party ideas…hope you had fun!

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