I’ve been pretty quiet over here lately haven’t I? I guess you can say our social life has grown tremendously here the past few weeks and having a daughter in school adds a lot more events to life as well. I have been making things and hope to share them soon. They are just bigger, more time consuming projects and I’m trying to get my designs made for Project Run and Play All Stars too. In the meantime, I wanted to share a quick story with you. 
Last week, one of my devotionals was about serving others. I know I serve my family a lot, but it challenged me to think of looking for other ways to serve. I know I’m limited in a sense to what I can do, so I prayed that God would give me little ways to show kindness and help others in my daily routine. Even if it’s little things like hold the door for someone. 
A few days after praying that I found myself in Hobby Lobby. Go figure ;) I was waiting in line to get some fabric cut and a man in front of me was buying this special black velvet like fabric. I overheard the lady cutting talking with him about what it was for and how if he had a coupon he could save a lot of money (it was pricey fabric and he needed a lot). He told her he didn’t have one and didn’t have a smart phone where he could pull it up, but asked if she could hold the fabric and he come back tomorrow since he lived a distance away. 
I took the opportunity to politely enter in the conversation and told him he could use the coupon on my phone if he didn’t mind waiting. He didn’t and as we walked to the checkout I found out he was a pastor and was buying this fabric to surprise the youth pastor at his church who wanted it for doing illusionist presentations for the youth/children. I was feeling so happy that I was going to be able to help him save a good chunk of change for ministry purposes. 
It finally came our turn and as he placed his fabric down on the counter, he grabbed everything in my cart and said he was paying for that too. I was a bit shocked at first, like seriously? You want to do that for me? But I accepted because I don’t believe in robbing someone of their blessing. (If someone wants to bless you, let them!). His act of kindness to my act of kindness blessed me so much. I wasn’t expecting anything. I felt just so glad to be able to help someone in a small way. But, I ended up being blessed even more by his kindness.
I have used that fabric to make a special garland that is now over our kitchen sink. Every time I look at it I’m reminded of what happened and to keep my eyes open for helping others. Keep your eyes open too. You never know how an act of kindness might really be needed and how you might touch someones life. It’s amazing what the little things can do.

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    I’m very partial to this kind of story lately…I am trying to always stay on the lookout to where I can help someone else. This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing!!


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