Last, but not least, Meet Rae and the Twin Octopuses

I ended up having four pattern testers since so many of you volunteered! And I’m so glad I did. They all did such a great job! Look at this cute pair of twin octopuses Rae from Sweet Limes made:

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Limes

Here is a little bit about her. Head over to her blog and say hi if you like :) She also has an Etsy store too!

“Simply put I am a stay at home mama who spends what quiet and sane time I have sewing for my kids and myself. The odd time I even get something out my husband likes enough to throw on. I’m pretty much the luckiest gal ever because each time I come home from the fabric store I pour out my guilt because of how much I just spent. His response is always the same, “You could be doing something worse with our money.” When not in my sewing room I’m either in my kitchen or outside. I love cooking, baking, and eating great food and I love being out in nature hiking, walking, swimming, cycling or what have you. I bring my kids along in all I do. I’m constantly pulling them up huge hills on the bike or pulling measuring spoons out of my kitchen mixtures because I have a one year old on each side that has to help! I just opened up an etsy shop where I hope to sell the odd thing I sew. I’ve read everywhere that I should treat it as a business, but to be honest, I only want it to be a hobby right now. I have other dreams when it comes to my own business, but they will happen when my business of being the best mama I can be takes up a little less of my time. For now I am busy wrestling with my kiddos, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I’ll be back Monday to let you know when I’ve put up the octopus pattern in my shop.

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  1. says

    Hey Jessica. I see that Rae did a great job too. I guess you pattern and pattern testers are a success all the way around. Congratulations ladies on a job well done.
    Have a fun weekend, Tracy :)

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