Laura & Joe’s Baby Shower: Pinks and Yellows

I want to say a big thank you real quick to all who have offered their information on our soon to be new living area. I’m catching up on my emails too :)


So this past weekend was our last big event here in Jacksonville. We threw a surprise baby shower for friends of ours and boy (or should I say girl?), was it fun!!!! They are a Coast Guard family with no family here, so of course we had to do something. Just like some of you ladies said when you wrote me, us military families have to stick together!

Yellow Bow Invitations

I created some fun invitations for the shower. Simple but cute.

I bought two types of flowers and spread them out everywhere because our house is pretty much packed up except for the furniture and some necessities. Some paper doilies cut in half also graced the shelves.

Decorating our bare shelves

Then there were the table decorations.

Lots of tissue balls hung on a line of clear fishing wire. I found the pretty pink hounds-tooth kind from Hobby Lobby.

The table cloth was actually a piece of fabric I had scooped up at a yard sale about three years ago. It was perfect! I put some scrapbook paper on the wall too.

Where "Mom" sat

For the Mom to be’s chair, I placed a sign and a pendant banner (which was just tissue paper triangles glued onto string). No one could take her nice comfy seat.

There were lots of yummy foods to eat,

sweet drinks,

and lots of gifts!

I made a few things for the soon to be here little girl. I had the octopus already to go (pattern here),

and I gave her some of the crochet hair bows I had and made some new felt bow hair clips.

Burp cloths and bibs are always good too :)

And of course, the little ones just had to help her open all of her gifts.

I even talked them into letting me take some pictures of them. I never had many pictures of my pregnancy and always regret that, so I am always more than happy to take pictures for my friends and family for special times and events in their lives. Below are some of my favorites.

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  1. says

    Wow, looks great! Love bow in the invites, and the doilies and the cover for the lemonade! It looks like a lot of love was put into the shower.
    Those pictures are really good. I like the one of the two by the fence! Hope your move to Pcola goes well. That’s what I like to call it =). My grandma lives there (I’m in TX)

  2. says

    wow! Everything looks so cute! I really loved the detail on the invitations!! I hope you don’t mind showing your post on my blog. I’m also planning a friend’s babyshower.

    (I’m also following your blog from now)

  3. says

    I love that last photo and the one in front of the fence. I also loved that you used yarn to write Lemonade! It brought back memories for me of crafts from a very distant past. :)

  4. says

    “did you make the yellow cake plate?”

    It was actually from this candle rock decorative piece that was given to me. I just spray painted it yellow a while ago to put a fruit basket on. It worked perfect with the decor :)

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