Learn to Master Zippering

Hello all you sewers out there! I just wanted to share with you real quick about a FREE class that Craftsy is offering right now. Being a self taught sewer, I learned a lot from this class. There have always been a few things that “scared” me about sewing. Things like buttonholes and sewing sheer fabric. But zippers were another thing I stayed away from for so long. I admit that I still try to avoid them, but I truly feel better prepared to deal with them now after this. You can go here to take the class. You will need to sign in or quickly make an account (which was just an email and create a password) and you get access to it. They have a ton more sewing classes available as well. The zipper ones were very well done and you could really see everything she did. I’m a visual learner so that was great! Hopefully this might help some of you who have stayed away from zippers too. Turns out they aren’t so scary after all ;)

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