A Lesson on Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day and we decided that our daughter was old enough to begin to be taught about it all. We took the first part of the morning to go to a memorial in downtown Milton. Many other people had the same idea.

It’s a decent size memorial and we had a lot of fun talking to our daughter about the soldiers (some known, some known only to God) who gave their lives so we can have freedom and what the different things there meant.

People had come and left all kinds of little things around the area. There were flowers and mementos left only by those who truly knew the person whose name was in stone. We reflected on how great of a sacrifice so many have made and we thought about those who we have known who lost their lives for our country. Their blood brought us freedom. Just like the blood of Jesus gives us freedom from our sins. Powerful to think about. Every year we plan to make a special day of this day so our children will really understand the meaning of Memorial Day. It’s more than just a cookout day.

Honor and Remember: A National Campaign of Remembrance

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”
John 15:13

We thank you all of you who have served and are serving, along with the friends and family who stand by your side. Thank you.

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    Oh Jessica. This is such a beautiful post. My friend Jon who is in the army has the verse attached to his email signature. I just love that it is such testimony to Who he lives for and serves. His God and His country. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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    Thanks so much for teaching your daughter about this. That is awesome. I grew up never really knowing about soliers and thier lives. Until I married one and learned a whole lot real quick. ;) Have a good night.

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    I love that Bible verse. It really is sad how few people teach their kids about these things. I didn’t even fully understand Memorial Day myself until I married G.I. Joe.

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