Let’s Play Catch Up

Oh my. I’m a bit behind, but I promise I have a good excuse ;) So first, let me announce the scarf winner (before I forget!):

Using random.org (and making sure to include all of the emailed entries), the winner is

Congratulations :) I will be emailing you soon.

Also, if you have been interested in the Straight A skirt and don’t have it yet, you can have a chance to win a copy over at simple Analogy!!!!! So head on over to enter if you like……

And now for reason I’m a little behind in all areas of my life…..

Introducing Fediw baby #2!!!!! ( I just can’t keep it a secret for too long, so I just had to share.) Who will be making an appearance this summer :) The morning sickness has really been taking a toll on me these past few weeks though. So, not much going on in my craft room at all…but you know it’s totally worth it :)

We are really excited! So, bear with me for a while as I get through the nausea and all (which will hopefully be over soon!).

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  1. says

    congratulations!!!!! i am not even kidding but when i clicked on your blog in my reader i said to myself “i wonder if she’s going to have another baby sometime soon….” yeah for babies!! :):) hope you start feeling better!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! Congrats Jessica! So excited for baby #2! What great news for the new year! I hope the sickness goes away soon, I know exactly how you feel I had it bad with both kids for 6 months :( Don’t worry about the crafting, we’ll be here waiting for ya :) Big hugs!

  3. says

    Congratulations!!! In a few days I’m going to have my 2nd baby girl, so babies are a very soft spot for me now… Hope you’ll soon get over the morning sickness. Thumbs definitely up, then!!!!!

  4. says

    as soon as i read announcement i KNEW it was a baby!!! :) how exciting. so happy for you guys. can’t wait to here about updates and what not throughout your pregnancy!


  5. says

    Aw, congratulations on the exciting news! How far along? I just got through all the morning sickness.. there is a light at the end of the tunnel! ;)

  6. says

    Congratulations! It is absolutely the perfect excuse to take a break from blogging/crafting for a bit. Especially if that means that there will be some great baby crafts in the future!

  7. says

    VERY VERY VERY EXCITING!!!! Woo hoo! :-) Been there, done that with the nausea. It’s not pretty. Take your time and rest as much as you can for the little one! We will still be here when you get to feeling like yourself :-)

  8. says

    Yay! I was so hoping this news was coming soon! My friend just had a beautiful baby girl and I was reminded just how much I want to be a mom someday. :) Hope the nausea goes away soon!

  9. says

    Congratulations! it’s been some days that I am reading your blog, have some ritz crackers for the nauseas, salty foods make them go away! Congrats from Mexico!!

  10. Anonymous says

    how lovely, what nice news for the start of the new year, take it easy as & when you can! god bless, melanie xxxx

  11. says

    So happy for you Jessica, she/he looks like a keeper! Can’t wait to see all the great pics and ideas in the coming months, but pace yourself, ok?

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