Little Hearts Crochet Pattern

Little Hearts Crochet Pattern | happy together Any one else have yarn scraps galore? I do and I am trying to use them up, so I decided to create a little hearts crochet pattern to help in that process. I used all types of yarn and ,as you can see, that effects the size of the heart.

Scrap Busting Heart Crochet Pattern | happy together These are really easy to crank out and can be used to make garlands, use as present toppers, make hair accessories with, and the list goes on. So why not just sit down one day and make a bunch to have on hand for when needed? I do that with various projects and it always comes in handy when I need a quick little gift for something.

Supplies for Heart Crochet Pattern | happy together To make your own little hearts you will need:

  • Yarn (the thinner the yarn the smaller the heart)
  • Crochet Hook (the smaller the hook the smaller the heart; I used a size F)
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • Printable Pattern here if needed

Terms: ch= chain; sl st = slip stitch; sc= single crochet; dc= double crochet; hdc= half double crochet

Here are the main pattern instructions all together and then below I match them up with the pictures for anyone who would like to see it step by step.

    1. Ch. 4, sl st in 1st ch. to form ring
    2. 7 sc’s in ring, sl st in 1st sc
    3. ch. 3, 2 dc’s in same stitch as sl st from step 2
    4. hdc in next sc.
    5. sc in next sc
    6. sc, ch 3, and sc in next sc
    7. sc in next sc
    8. hdc in next sc
    9. 2 dc in next sc., ch. 3, sl st in same sc as the dc’s
    10. Fasten off and weave loose ends

Tip: You can tighten the center of the heart by pulling on the beginning yarn strand if desired. I recommend doing any time after you have done the 7 sc’s in the ring. That way you have enough room to make those stitches first.

Steps 1 thru 9 Heart Crochet Pattern | happy together 1. Ch 4

2. Sl st in 1st ch to form ring

3. 7 sc’s in ring, sl st in 1st sc

4. Ch 3

5. 2 dc’s in same stitch as sl st from step 3

6. hdc in next sc

7. 1 sc in next 2 sc’s

8. ch 3

9. sc in same sc as in last sc from step 7

Steps 10 thru 15 Heart Crochet Pattern | happy together 10. sc in next sc

11. hdc in next sc

12. 2 dc’s in next sc and ch 3

13. sl st into same sc as in step 12. Fasten off.

14. Use needle to weave in ends.

15. Trim excess yarn.

Crochet Hearts to Make | happy together

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