A Little Pop of Green Shirt


Here is yet another maternity top. I hope you aren’t getting bored with all of these ;) This one is a bit more fancier and I chose to be my mother’s day shirt.


I used Vogue V8472. It is a dress, but I just used the top portion and trimmed it to come right below my bust. Then I made a long rectangle piece and pleated in the front and back so it would fit all the way around.


The fabric is thrifted. It was a fabulous find in NC during our Thanksgiving trip. I was going to use it for a dress for my daughter, but I decided to use it for me instead. I barely had enough for this top. I had to piece it together on the left back side, making the lines not match up quite. But, I don’t mind and I don’t think most people will notice.


I had this cool vintage black zipper that I wanted to leave exposed, so I did that. Then I made a simple tie from some bright green fabric to tie right above my belly.


The original pattern calls for gathering the front section and sewing it in place, but I wanted it to be a little more flexible.


So instead of that, I took a piece of elastic, stretched it over the spot where it needed to be gathered, and sewed it on the seam allowance. This way the elastic “gathers” it, but it can be stretched out for more comfort.


It is a very easy sew and I’m sure the whole dress would be easy as well. Once this baby comes out I plan on trying the dress and the jacket out. I really like the cut and fit.
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    No, plz keep the maternity lovelies coming! The hubs and I are trying for #3 and I’m (hopefully) gonna need all the help I can get with wardrobe. Thanks for sharing.

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    You clever girl! :) I Love the black and white with the green – the green just MAKES it! :) Do you have a passion for green by any chance? (Thinking of the pop heart from earlier).

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    keep ‘em coming! if i ever get some energy (seriously doubting it at this point), i plan to start sewing some for myself.

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    oh my goodness! so pretty! ok, when you are done having babies you need to let me know where these clothes are going!! :) it would be a long drive to a garage sale, but it would totally be worth it, ha ha!

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    I love this shirt! The green is gorgeous. I would probably have stuck with my safe colour (blue) but I think this looks better. Very cute.

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    I just found your blog by someone that left a comment on my blog referring to your blog. You’ve got some really cute stuff!

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