Little Yoda Crochet Tutorial

There were some more boys in the family having birthdays and they happen to all be Star Wars fans! I wanted to crochet a Star Wars character and I decided to come up with the pattern myself to be able to share with you in case you wanted to make this as well.

A Little Crocheted Yoda

Meet Yoda. He’s little, but he can still do great things! My daughter told me she wants one in purple after meeting him ;) lol.

Remember, these instructions can be adjusted to what you have. Feel free to try different hook sizes, different types of yarn, etc. And, I forgot to meaure him before I mailed him, but he was about 5 inches maybe? No bigger than my hand for sure.

What you will need:
-Green, brown, and off white medium worsted yarn
-Size G and H crochet hooks
-Optional: safety eyes (you could use yarn to make them or felt circles; mine were size 12mm)
-Yarn Needle
-Polyfill or some kind of stuffing

With green yarn and size H hook,
1. Ch 4, sl st in 1st ch to form ring
2. sc 8 times in center of ring0 (8)
3. *2 sc in next stitch* 8 times (16)
4. *sc, 2 sc in next* 8 times (24)
5. sc around (24)
6. *dec, sc, sc* 6 times (18)
7. sc around (18)
8. repeat #7
9. *dec, sc, sc* 4 times and dec (13)
10. dec around 6 times
*Attach eyes (see instructions on package) and stuff head with stuffing.

Switch to brown color for the body. Simply use a sl st to bring in the new color.
*Please note: This next part is connected to what you have done so far. But, think of it as starting over. The first 9 sc’s you make will be overlapping, as there were only 7 stitches left open after doing round 10 above.

1. *sc in next stitch* 9 times (9)
2. *2 sc in next stitch* 9 times (18)
3. *sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next* 9 times (27)
4. sc around (27)
5. *sc in each of the next two stitches, dec in next stitch* 6 times, then sc in each of the next three stitches (21)
6. sc around (21)
7. *sc in next stitch, dec in next* 7 times (14)
8. On back loop only, sc around (14)
9. Stuff the body with fiberfill, etc.
10. dec until closed. Fasten off.

Ears (make 2) with green yarn and size H hook
1. ch 6
2. sc in 2nd ch from hook
3. hdc in next ch
4. dc in each of the next two ch’s
5. tr in next ch
*Leave long tail and sew onto head

Feet (make 2) with green yarn using size G hook
1. ch 4, sl st in 1st ch to create a ring
2. 6 sc in middle of ring
3. ch 3, sc in 2nd ch from hook
4. sc in next ch
5. sl st in middle of ring
6. ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook
7. sc in each of the next two ch
8. sl st in middle of ring
9. ch 3, sc in 2nd ch from hook
10. sc in next ch
11. sl st in middle or ring
*Leave tail and sew feet onto bottom of body

From the bottom

Arms (make 2) starting with green and size G hook
1. ch 4, sl st in 1st ch to form ring
2. 5 sc into ring
3. *2 sc* 5 times (10)
4. sc around (10)
5. *sc in each of the next two stitches, dec next* 2 times, sc in each of the next two stitches (8)
*Switch Colors to brown. Use a sl st to do this
6. *sc in next stitch* 8 times (8)
7. repeat #6
8. repeat #6
9. sl st in next stitch leaving tail to sew it on the body.
*Sew arms on the body. There is no need to add stuffing to them.

The jacket was just rectangular shapes using off white yarn with a size H hook. Here is how I did it if you would like to try it.

Making the Coat

1. I created three pieces like this. I just crocheted a chain that was as long as his back then did rows of sc’s until it was the height i wanted it. I made it from the top of the neck to a little above the bottom. The smaller front sides were the same height and almost equaled half of the back pieces length. I left a long tail on them all for sewing the pieces together.

2. I then sewed the small sides onto the back leaving a hole big enough for the arms to fit through.

3. For the hood, I just started a little in from the front top edge and used sc stitches across until it was almost at the end of the other side. Then I kept making rows using sc stitches until it was long enough to go over his head.

4 &5. I fold the new rectangle in half and sewed the edges together. I squooshed the point in so it would look more smooth.

Update: A fabulous crocheter, Cheryl, came up with how to do the jacket all in one piece! Here are the instructions.

Row 1: Chain 19.
Row 2 : Turn and sc in 2nd ch from hook and across
Row 3 – 6: Ch 1 turn. Sc across
Row 7: Ch 3. dc in next 3 sp. Ch 2, skip 2 st, dc in next 8 sp. Ch 2, sk 2 st, Dc in 4 remaining st.
Row 8: Sl st in first 4 st. sc in next 12 sp ending at front edge of the other arm hole made in previous row.
Row 9 – 20: Ch 1 turn, sc across.
Cut and finish leaving a long tail. Fold corner to corner, right sides together, and sew up this edge to form the hood

Yoda with Hood Up

The belt was just a ch with a row of sc. I just made it long enough to go around and tie.

Feel free to add your creating you make using this tutorial to the flickr group :)

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. says

    Done with work wish to be I so crocheting hooks the force be with!

    This little guy is cute beyond words!!! Thanks for sharing your crochet pattern!


  2. says

    oh my gosh!!! i looooooove this! it is so kewl!!!!! my boys…and girl would love it…even my “big” boy husband! gosh i wish knew how to crochet!!!! this is definitely incentive! :)

  3. Satrangi says

    This is an awesome tutorial. I have a 6 year old who’s mad about Star Wars. And he doesn’t have a Yoda figurine. I know if I make this The Best Mommy Award is mine :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Satrangi says

    Just wanted to ask – what does the number in the bracket mean? I mean
    “3. *2 sc in next stitch* 8 times (16)
    4. *sc, 2 sc in next* 8 times (24)
    5. sc around (24)”
    What does (16) (24) (24) mean. I have been crocheted a lot but mostly my own so I am not familiar with proper instructions :(


    • Anonymous says

      the numbers in the brackets refer to how many stitches are in that particular row, so you won’t end up with lopsided by ending up with more than or less than the number of stitches for that particular row

  5. says

    Oh my gosh! My oldest son just LOVES yoda! I would totally win the Mother of the Year award! And just in time for Mother’s Day! OOH! Thanks for posting! Totally cute!

  6. says


    That number just let’s you know how many stitches total you will be doing for that number. So when you do 2sc in next stitc 8 times it equals 16 sc stitches for that instruction. One dec equals one stitch too even though you are hooking in two stitches. Hope this helps!

  7. says

    woow, this is so kind of you to share the pattern with us, my husband has been asking for a Yoda for ages and now I can make one for him!

    thanks a lot

  8. says

    I got to this website by searching some cute things to crochet, and this is by far the MOST adorable crochet-thing I’ve ever seen!!

    Can’t wait to get home and try this, thank you soooo much for sharing this on the internet!!

  9. says

    Hi, I love your blog – so full of great ideas and tutorials. I’m making your adorable little Yoda at the moment. Just a question about the pattern. I’m working on the head and can’t make out the bit “5. sc around (24), 6. *dec, sc, sc* 4 times (16)”. I get 20 or am I doing something wrong?

  10. jennie :) says

    Helloooo :D I absolutely LOVE this mini-yoda and have bought all the yarn and stuff to start it, started this afternoon and am a little confused by the pattern… currently working on the head/body section but specifically round 8 of the head where it says “Repeat #6″”. There is not a final amount of stitches given at the end so I don’t understand what I should be repeating because surely this will be smaller than round 6 and not 18 stitches at the end?! Then it says dec around 6 times at round 10, but then for the body round 1 states to “*sc in next stitch* 9 times”- this would indicate the body and head are joined, but surely after dec’ing so many times there isn’t 9 free stitches to start the brown wool and body? I may well be being stupid here but hoping someone could shed light on my problems, my dad is patiently waiting for his yoda….!

  11. says

    “currently working on the head/body section but specifically round 8 of the head where it says “Repeat #6″”. There is not a final amount of stitches given at the end so I don’t understand what I should be repeating because surely this will be smaller than round 6 and not 18 stitches at the end?!”

    It should say repeat round 7 :) I will change that. So you would do 18 sc around.

    “Then it says dec around 6 times at round 10, but then for the body round 1 states to “*sc in next stitch* 9 times”- this would indicate the body and head are joined, but surely after dec’ing so many times there isn’t 9 free stitches to start the brown wool and body?”

    You are right. They are joined and there will not be 9 free stitches. You will be overlapping. Just think of it like you are starting over again once you get to this point, even though they are connected. Does that make sense?

  12. SonyaMavis says

    I love this! I just recently started crocheting little critters and monsters! My husband saw this and said he wanted one! Thanks for having such a great blog!

  13. Anonymous says

    Hey, I’m from Germany and I rly wanna do this but I just don’t get the contractions :( Could anyone explay what “ch” “sc” and “dec” means? Thanks :)

  14. says

    Could anyone explay what “ch” “sc” and “dec” means?

    ch is an abbreviation for chain

    sc is an abbreviation for single crochet

    and dec is an abbreviation for decrease

    Hope this helps :)

  15. Anonymous says

    I about fell off my chair when I saw this – my 12 year old love, love, loves Yoda, and I happen to crochet. Recently a stuffed Yoda he has got a Packers football jersey made for him, by me. Found the link on One Pretty Thing, gotta love that site for exposing us to this fun stuff. Thanks for sharing. Jodi

  16. says

    “I would love to know the type of yarn you used, like the brand name.”

    I’m pretty sure the green was just Redheart. The cream and brown were Vanna’s Choice I believe. Hope that helps :)

  17. says

    I msde it sort of as a joke for my 22 yr. old son. He loved it, and posted a picture of himself and the Yoda on his Facebook page. WOW, mom is a hit, too. Thanks.

  18. says

    Great idea. Had a hard time with hood, so on second yoda I followed updated jacket instructions till begining of hood. After the row where you sl st and sc to arm. From there I chained 20, sl st to other side sc around back of jacket and around chain made, continue this for 3 rounds. Next round 3sc, then dec around. next 2 sc, dec around. next 1 sc dec around then dec around pull yarn to close and fastne off. I also made little yoda using embroidery thread and size 2 hook. Made a cute little yoda key chain. Much thanks I give to you :)

  19. says

    “Do you have any suggestions of how to make child friendly eyes (e.g.: one’s my nephew wouldnt try to tear off and eat haha)”

    I have glued on small round circles cut from felt before. If you use fabric glue, it makes it really super hard to get off. But, it is still doable. So, I would suggest just using some yarn or embroidery thread and “sewing” eyes with it.
    If making something bigger, you could even crochet eyes and put them on like here:

    • Kris says

      Saftey eyes. You can buy them at any craft store and they come in any size. Sized in mm. They have licking backings that don’t come out.

  20. says

    I made this little guy with doily yarn and decided if I made it again I would use hdc instead of sc and the second turned out cute but I made my own eyes so instead of yoda’s ears being ears they became eye lids. they turned cute. Thank you my friend love his Yoda I had promised to make I want to make a R for myself and make a pattern so I looked forward to more from you

  21. Anonymous says

    this is the awesomest yoda i’ve seen!
    totally making this one for my teacher who has a yoda collection:)

  22. Anonymous says

    this is the most fantabulous yoda ever!!
    totally making this one for my teacher who has a yoda collection :)
    Thanks for the pattern!
    Great blog!

  23. says

    I made him!! Granted, he looks like he’s been chewed on by a wookie, but I made him- yours was the first crochet pattern EVER I had the guts to follow, and I am really happy with the little guy. So is my boyfriend, he actually loves the wookiefodder.
    Thank you SO much for the tut, you made me happy!

  24. says

    I LOVE your yoda. I made my own yesterday and he’s super-cute. But now i’m trying Cheryl’s robe directions and i’m super confused on Row 7. What spaces? I understand if there were chains the previous row, but that’s not the case here. Can someone help??? Also, i never did understand ” the first 9 scs will be overlapping as thre were only 7 stitches left open after doing round 10″ but i fudged that. So i guess what i’m saying is that i LOVE your yoda, but the patterns are confusing in certain steps. Please help with the robe??? Thank you!

  25. says

    Lisa (hope this helps :),

    Let me start with this:
    “Also, i never did understand ” the first 9 scs will be overlapping as thre were only 7 stitches left open after doing round 10″ but i fudged that.”

    I wrote this in because people were thinking the row 1 with 9 sc should be equal to the previous #10 because it was continuing. So if you had just done number 10, you have 7 stitches from that round (dec 6 times into the 13 previous st leaves you with 7 left because the left st is left open), but then I say sc 9 times around. That means you are going past the end of the previous round. Like starting over instead of continuing.

    “i’m super confused on Row 7. What spaces? I understand if there were chains the previous row, but that’s not the case here.”

    She just used spaces and stitches interchangeably. The sp is meaning st. The stitch is what they call each time your crochet on the rows after the first one. It would be beneficial for you to research the crochet terms. Here is a link with a bunch of definitions for beginners, including chain and stitch:

  26. says

    Oh my FREAKIN GOODNESS! How cute! I have several Star Wars people in my life, and I can crochet, so this will be a Christmas prezzie (or 2) for sure! Thank you! If you ever come up with a pattern for Mr. Spock from Star Trek, I will make him too. :) Just found you through Sew Homegrown with your rag bag tute. Thanks for sharing, Love your stuff!

  27. says

    Thank you so much for this pattern. i’ve been looking for a free pattern of any star wars characters. i’m planning to give it as a gift to Casey James (from AI) if ever i will meet him. Love this so much!

  28. onecraziindian says

    yoda is awsome. i have given everyone in my entire family a nickname. and my cousin lil rex will love this of course he is called yoda. thank you very much for putting this on here.

  29. Anonymous says

    Thanks for posting this! I’m attempting to do it (first time doing something like this!) and do not understand #6, which says
    “*dec, sc, sc* 6 times (18)”.
    I’ve looked online, but still don’t know how to do this step… Would you mind terribly explaining to this novice how to do it? Thank you so very much!!!

  30. Anonymous says

    on line 7 of the body section you write: *sc in next stitch, dc in next* 7 times (14)

    just confirming that the “dc” is for double crochet and not decrease? thanks!

  31. says

    Woooooawwww you are very creative!!!! and you have a great gesture of solidarity- Im very thankful that you have loaded this pattern! Its been a loooooong time that I had searche this pattern to make one to my, pattience little star war´s fan, brother :) You are the best…

  32. Nadine says

    I made it. I went squee. I stuck a key ring in his head, and now he rides around on my schoolbag. Thanks so much!

  33. Anonymous says


    First of all: what a cutie!
    It’s beautiful and i really want to make it!!

    I’m from Belgium and I’m more comfortable with my own language, so I’m translating it (that goes well), the only problem is, I don’t know wich size my crochet hooks have to be.
    You say size G and H, and i looked on the internet for some translation in numbers, but i couldn’t find it.. Do you know which size it is in numbers?

    THANK YOU for sharing this pattern on forward :)

    • says

      It’s okay :) You probably just made your stitches bigger that is all. On things like this, I don’t worry about doing a gauge which is where you do a sample to try and get the same size as the pattern creator did. If you want him smaller, try making your stitches tighter or use smaller needles. If your yarn was thicker, that might add in size as well.

  34. says

    Thank you so much for the pattern. Mine turned out a bit differently, but that’s ok. My boyfriend LOVES Star Wars so I know he will just love this guy. Thanks again!

  35. Johanna from Sweden says

    Oh I LOVE that pattern! Need to make one for my little brother, i bet he’s gonna love it too. Thanx for sharing! :)

  36. says

    Merci pour le tuto, je vais le faire pour un petit garçon fan de Yoda. Votre tuto est le seul que j’ai trouvé beau. Mais il va falloir que je comprenne les explications ne connaissant pas trop bien les symbôles anglais. Bonne année à vous.

  37. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am still a bit of a beginner so I am going to try to make him before I tell my children and husband. If all goes well I will have to make one for each of them, me too of course. Yoda is our favorite. I am so excited to try it, thank you again.

  38. Anonymous says

    how fun was this!!! I (being known for my “itty bitties”) made mine a smidge smaller than an inch tall. The next one will be smaller!
    I am having a bit of trouble with just the hood part but I will play with it and see what happens!
    Thank you! cute and fun!

  39. says

    Hi Jessica

    My Brother in law is a great Star Wars fan, and he sent me a link to your mini-Yoda a couple of years ago – but I’m Danish and didn’t really have the courage to follow the English pattern, so I translated it into Danish (changed the sizes of the hooks in the proces.) It ended up being quite a cute little fellow.

    Now, I want to ask if it’s ok for me to post the pattern in Danish on my blog ( – as long as I give you credit for it by linking to your blog?


  40. Anonymous says

    Can these be made to sell at craft shows or does that violate the copyright laws? I absolutely love this pattern and am trying to find something simple to make and sell.

  41. says

    I don’t know if anyone else has asked this or if it’s just me, but I’m terribly confused as to how I’m suppose to do the arms according to the instructions. Is the 5 sc into ring the same as sc in the middle of the ring? And is the 2 sc still in the middle of the ring? Is it sc 1 then sc into next chain? Or is it sc in next ch around for a total of 10 times? I’m sorry if I’m being stupid, I was just very lost.
    Thanks for any help you give, please email me at

    • says

      :) Sorry it was confusing! Let me see if I can help explain it better :) So, chain 4. Then you connect them with a slip stitch into the very first chain you did. This makes a ring. Then you will make the 5 sc so they go into the ring. They will spread around it, starting to make it into the rounded arm shape. Then you will do 2 sc in each of the 5 sc you did, making a total of 10 stitches all together. So it’s making the arm longer at this point and wider. Then for the next round, you will just do one sc in each of the 10 sc’s you just did. At this point you will begin to decrease it a bit. You will do a sc in each of the next two sc’s, then you will do a decrease stitch (which you can find instructions online…you will be basically creating one stitch into the next two stitches). The number 8 comes from sc, sc, decrease, sc, sc, decrease, sc sc. So it brings the count down to 8 technically. I hope this helps you! Please let me know if you have any other questions :)

  42. says

    I’m confused about row 8 of the jacket. when it says to slip stitch in the first 4 stitches, does that mean you’re doing 4 separate slip stitches? or 1 slip stitch into the arm hole? I’m also confused by the 12 sc’s afterwards. Thanks! :)

    • says

      Someone else did that part, but from reading it, I would say to do 4 separate slip stitches. It looks like it should be a sc in each of the next 12 stitches for the next part. Hope that helps :)

  43. Ray says

    Just finished this today. Made it for my daughter’s teacher who likes Yoda. I think is a great pattern as he turned out great. After attaching the ears I ran needle through outer edge of bottom of ear and out through pointy part of ear, then continued through top back towards bad of ear and tugged until ear developed a cup like appearance then hid tail. Made it look a little more yoda-ish. I also left a little loop on hands so he could wield a lightsaber or in this case a green crayon cause one should never take weapons to school. For this pattern, I thank you.

  44. Edith says

    I would LOVE to have some of your free patterns, but can you give them in pdf format, please??????????????????????? that way I don’t have to download all that junk that I don’t want to print out

    • Jessica says

      Hi Edith :) All of my downloadable patterns are pdf files, so I’m thinking maybe you are seeing stuff from the file sharing host? You shouldn’t have to download anything extra to get the pattern. A few years ago, there were only certain file sharing ways for blogger and I have updated most of them to be through google which didn’t have crazy ads and such. Is there one pattern you tried that you could let me know about? I can investigate it further from there and fix it. Thanks :)

  45. Nicole D says

    I’ve found that if you follow cheryl’s instructions for the one piece jacket, instead of sewing, you could slip stitch it together. Same thing in the end, just an option. =)

  46. Juniper says

    I can see that you already have a ton of comments, but I had to leave one anyway. I just finished making Yoda! He is very cute, and the pattern wasn’t difficult to follow. He took me about 4 hours or so to make, with breaks.

  47. karen blair/fred winchester says

    love this! trying one of your pieces for the first time. have klingons in the extended family. problem is difficulty reading pattern when printed – very light. we will think of something i’m sure. this is well worth the effort – best one we’ve seen, and your tutorial is excellent. thank you so much! karenb/fredw

  48. Crystal says

    I love your pattern!! I was hoping to get your permission to sell these for my fundraiser. I am walking in Avon 39: The Walk to End Breast Cancer this summer and I am trying to raise $1,800 for the cause. Please let me know. Thanks!!!

    • Jessica says

      Hi Crystal :) All of my patterns/tutorials are available to be used to create products to sell for profit or fundraise with. Much success to you and I hope you reach above your goal! -jess

  49. Margie Smith says

    I’m doing the one peice jacket , and her count is off on this row:
    Row 7: Ch 3. dc in next 3 sp. Ch 2, skip 2 st, dc in next 8 sp. Ch 2, sk 2 st, Dc in 4 remaining st.
    To do this you would need 20 stitches, but we only have 18 to work with. This is what I did to change it:
    Chain 3. DC in next 2 spaces . Ch 2, skip 2 st, DC in next 8 stitches, chain 2, skip 2 stitches. DC in remaining 3.
    Row 8: Sl st in first 3 st. sc in next 12 sp ending at front edge of the other arm hole made in previous row.
    Super cute pattern. My Yoda came out adorable! Thank you.

  50. Jeanine says

    I love this pattern. I made three Yoda’s, one for myself and gave two away. The recipients’ loved them also. Thank you so much for a wonderful pattern and sharing with us. Will there be more Star Wars to come? Either way Thank you for being so generous.

    • Jessica says

      Yay! I’m glad you enjoy it and were able to use it so much :) I don’t have any plans for more at this moment, but you never know ;)

  51. laura says

    Thanks for the amazing pattern. So easy and so adorable. I didn’t have the cream colored yarn, so I just used a piece of fabric for the robe, still looks adorable. again thanks

  52. says

    This is a really, really fiddly pattern, but if you love a Star Wars fan, any effort is worth it. The instructions are clearly written, but could do with many more photos, especially when it comes to creating Yoda himself. The designer includes her own as well as a fellow crafters versions of Yodas robeIm not sure which Ill use. This is probably the simplest part of the project. A scrap buster, too, as it doesnt call for much materials


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