Love for the Beach

If you can’t tell by now, I adore the beach. I’m not a get in the water person, but I love walking it, watching and listening to the waves, playing in the sand with my daughter, and looking for treasures like these:

Gems from the Beach
Sometimes we even find cooler things like this driftwood teepee thing someone made on the beach:
Cool Teepee made with driftwood
I also like to create with found beach things. I made this charm bracelet for my mom with shells from the beach here we had found (they already had perfect holes in them).
Sea Shell Bracelet
I also made myself a necklace with this shell I found. Not an amazing shell, but it was just perfect for a necklace so I couldn’t resist picking it up.
Seashell Necklace
Our mornings are filled with special beach trips, especially right now before it gets sweltering hot. I am cherishing all of these wonderful moments with my daughter. If you have a child, what are some things you are currently doing with them that just makes your day?
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    The beach / ocean brings fond memories of my grandmother. We spent many hours there watching the boats as we walked in the sand. One of my daughters has carried on our love of the water and has amassed a beautiful collection of seashells she collected as a young girl. Thanks for the memories.

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    I feel so fortunate to live near the beach too! My daughter just turned two and is finally old enough to really enjoy it. We’re also enjoying it before it gets way too hot!

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    Oh, how I love the beach! I wish we live close to one.
    What makes my day is waking up in the morning, taking in the sweet sleepy aroma of my kids hair and skin, hugs and saying good morning to the Sun, Sky and to the loving Earth.
    What also makes my days is when I take the time to actually pause, to stop and listen or just watch my children and get to see the world through their eyes. It is a blessing.

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    I share your love of the beach…unfortunately it is such a seasonal thing here…wish I lived somewhere tropical all year long :)
    Lovely jewellery you made! Love the pics :)

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    We live in Arkansas so we are taking advantage of the beautiful weather before it gets too hot as well. Our favorite thing is too simply go outside and garden and play in the creek by our house.

    Is this the first time your husband has deployed since you’ve had your daughter? My husband deployed when my daughter was 13-17mons old and I feel like she and I created such a strong bond through that time. I hope all is well for you.

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    Dreaming I could be near a beach! The closest I can get is Lake Michigan and that isn’t too pretty… I am amazed by your bracelet! I love it!

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    The buffet in my dining room has sort of a beach theme: shells, drift wood, beach glass. I love your mom’s charm bracelet- beautiful! I have a similar shell necklace that I made last summer, too. I can almost smell the salt and feel the sea breeze when I put it on. :)

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    I live blocks from the water and yet I do not take advantage of it like I should. We are moving soon, only 14 miles away but I will not be this close to the beach. I may have to pack up some food for my girls and go today. I am inspired!

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    Summer is every day more near Us…is relaxing smell the sea, listen the waves and feel the charm of the sun on the skin under a umbrella…

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    We live on the beach so we do alot of walking, playing, digging, and we make driftwood tipees. Seaglass is our favorate thing to find.

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    missing the beach this summer. We’ve lived in Indiana for 7 months (but were in Clearwater, FL before), but my almost 3 year old keeps asking for the beach. These days we keep busy playing in the backyard. all day!

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    The warm weather and beach looks wonderful! I live in Utah where it snowed yesterday….Drat. I love following your blog and getting great ideas from you. My favorite moments with my kids are in the mornings, my daughter wakes up and climbs in bed with my husband and I. We love having special cuddle time with her. My little boy is especially wiggly so the only time I get to cuddle with him is in the middle of the night when he wakes up…hey! I’ll take it when I can get it.

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    Oh man… I love the beach and I haven’t been in at least 10 years!!! It’s something that calls the soul. Love the shell bracelet! You just have the “awesomest” ideas!

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    So I just found out why some shells have those holes in them…Moon Snails, Whelks (another kind of sea snail) and even octopuses drill them to eat the clam! Such a great idea for a charm bracelet and I love the necklace too.

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