The Lunar Bow Frock (tutorial)

What can I say? The sewing bug bit me this morning and now I can share this with everyone.

The Lunar Bow Frock

Can you tell she’s excited about it too?

So Excited!

My inspiration? Anthropologie why of course!

The Lunar Bow Frock Inspiration Board

This dress was up on their website a little while ago and I stored it in my “inspiration” folder. It was one of those “I will find some way to create a similar look.” My daughter ended up benefiting from this one. I might have tried a dress for myself, but I am discourage at the moment at making adult clothing after a FAIL last week (don’t worry, I won’t be discouraged for long….I just need to use real patterns for myself I think). I decided to give it the name Lunar Bow though because I think the bow looks kind of like a lunar moth.

The Lunar Bow Frock

Pretty Flowers

I made the little version out of knit material. It’s just so much easier to make things with. And of course, way more comfortable.

Over there!

To make a little dress yourself, find a t-shirt or knit shirt and a piece of coordinating knit for the bow.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

You can either use a pattern you have for the dress or make your own (like we did for the Ruffles Behind Dress). I just grabbed a dress from my daughter’s closet, pushed the sleeves in, and cut it out- making sure to leave seam allowance.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

But, before cutting, I cut the shirt in half to line up the neck (it was really scooped in the front).

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

I then made my own sleeves, using the sleeves from the dress to get an idea. This is how they looked.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Now measure to create a piece for the front. It will be rectangular looking. I just guessed with the length, but I say it’s better to make it too long and then trim the bottom to where you like it.

Hand baste and gather down the middle some. I just went as far down until I was happy with how it looked.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Then pin to the top middle of the front piece of the dress.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Take another rectangular piece and fold the sides in. Fold the bottom half under and place right at the end of where you basted. Then fold the top underneath the top of the bow. Pin in place.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Then pin the bottom down. I pinned where I would be sewing.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Sew the middle bow part in place and sew across the middle bottom.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Then I placed the front and back piece of the dress right sides facing and sewed the shoulders together. *Make sure the bow is not in the way!*

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Then pin on the sleeves and sew them on.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Place the dress right sides facing and pin sides together. Sew down bottoms of sleeves and sides of the dress.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Now, tack the top sides of the bow in place.

The Lunar Bow Frock Tutorial

Turn up the bottom inside and sew around for hem.

That’s all. The bow technique could easily be done to an already made shirt or dress too. You could use a pretty chiffon or a fun cotton print. Just make sure to do something to the edges on the fabrics that will fray. Happy Sewing!

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  1. says

    This is a beautiful project. Thank you for participating in the Fave Crafts blog hop. We wanted to let you know that we’re doing a special FC newsletter issue on 11/24 recapping the blog hop, including their projects and yours! We can’t wait to see what you link next month.

    Blair, editor at

  2. Anonymous says

    very cute dress and what a great idea. The material and colors chosen are just wonderful for adding a little cheer to the winter misery. Have 5 granddaughters that would look cute in this.

  3. says

    I can’t believe you copied this Anthropologie dress. I have been drooling over it for months. I wanted to try to make one for myself, but of course I’m last on the list. My baby girl, however may just benefit. Thank you so much. I don’t really sew knit so I’m intimidated but excited.
    Briana J


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