Make Room for Baby and More

NO, I’m not pregnant :) It’s the name of a site I wanted to share with you real quick. Shirley from Make Room for Baby contacted me a bit ago and asked if she could use some of my pictures for a blog post. She wanted to show some sewing ideas to inspire mom, grandmothers, etc. who follow her blog to bust out their sewing machine and make something. I was honored to let her do this and link back to me (as I am to the many many many other sites who have done so lately) and I wanted to share with you her blog and the amazing bumper kit that they have (because if J wasn’t about to move out of her crib to a big girl bed, I would be buying this to make!). Check the kit out here.

Bee at the zoo
(Currently feeling busy as a bee; taken at the Jacksonville zoo)

I also was nominated by Laura from Buttons and Ribbons for a blog award. You are supposed to pass it on to twelve other blogs and post about it. I’m just going to list some blogs that you might not know of yet that I really enjoy. So, if you’re bored or are just having fun browsing around, stop by these blogs:)

$5 Dinners (the name says it all)
Like Flowers and Butterflies (she makes the prettiest little girl’s clothing)
Natalie’s Sentiments (she loves yellow like me; has amazing decorating talent)
Sensibly Styled (love the way she puts outfits together!)
Restyled Homes (I wish I could make my house look like hers and the ones she posts about)
Such Pretty Things (Vintage stuff galore! Check out her tutorials cute. A few are on my list!)
LMNOP Blog (Cute things for kids. Inspires.)

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