Making Felt Sand Dollars Tutorial

Basket from the beach

While I’m on a beach roll, why don’t I show you how to make some super cute felt sand dollars? These would be great to go with a book about the beach, to use to share with your child the sand dollar legend, etc. I love when things made can be educational as well :)

Oh the things you can find
What you will need:
-White Felt (or whatever colors you want really)
-Embroidery thread (I used the color gray)
-Embroidery needle
-Optional: small amount of stuffing
-Sand Dollar Clip Art (I saved this picture and opened it in Word. Then I resized it for three different sizes).
-Writing Utensil to trace with (I used a regular pencil so it wouldn’t show through)
1. Cut out your sand dollar clip art and trace them on felt. You will need two for each sand dollar. I used manicure scissors to cut out the small holes.
Tracing on Felt
2. Embroider five little tear drops on. I just did it free hand, but you could trace them on first. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. No sand dollar in real life is exactly the same or perfect.
3. Place a teeny tiny bit of stuffing on the middle of the back piece for some added dimension. Then place an embroidered piece on top to create a “sandwich”. Sew around the edges.
(You could also skip the stuffing and just glue the two pieces together with glue.)
Add a little stuffing
4. Then I also sewed around the little holes. If there is stuffing showing in the holes, or they don’t exactly match up, just take some scissors and trim all that at the end.
Felt Sand Dollars
5. Have fun :)
*Make some of these? Add them to the Flickr Group. Make sure they are sharable if you want a chance for them to be in the spotlight on Happy Together.
Felt Sand Dollars and Crochet Starfish
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  1. Shannon S, Minnesota says

    OMG!! I absolutley LOVE these….we moved back to Minnesota after living in Sarasota for 5 years…I miss the beach so terribly and so does my 4 yr old daughter…cant wait to make these for her ! :) :) Thank you for the idea!!

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