Maxi Skirt with Triangle Skirt Insert Tutorial

maxi skirt with triangle insert tutorial

I’m so excited to finally get some time to post this :) If you remember, this is the type of skirt I made for this outfit for Project Run and Play (the skirt two pics down).

maxi skirt with triangle insert tutorial
Project Run and Play All Stars: Summer Lovin'

I had many requests for it, so I figured I should share a diy for it, especially since it’s pretty simple and so cute!

maxi skirt with triangle insert tutorial

My daughter totally rocks these skirts and is in love with them. She’s in a stage where she pretty much just wants to wear dresses and skirts. Completely opposite of how I was at this stage! So, expect to see some more skirt/dress stuff on this blog in the near future ;).

To make this you will need knit fabric. Amount will just depend on the size. I probably would have gotten a yard and half for this skirt (she wears a girls size 7). The thicker knit is easier to sew and usually not see through, so I suggest that. (PS there is a fabulous store online that carries nothing but amazing knits! check them out here. I just had to share because it’s that amazing). Anyways…my fabric came from a yard sale find that I had been hoarding for a bit though. I’m glad to put it to use! An adult skirt would probably need about 3 yards, maybe you could get away with 2, 2.5. If making an adult skirt, you could always find a skirt pattern (like this one) and just add the triangle insert if making your own pattern seems a little daunting.

A. Cut 2 pieces of fabric for waistband, with stretch going across the width (pic 1).
      To determine size of waistband, measure waist and divide by 2 for fabric width.
      For the length, you want it to be tall enough so it can be folded twice to create a fold over band.    
      Make sure to include a seam allowance in this length as well. I added 1″, making it .5″ on each
      edge that would be sewn onto the skirt.
      Pics 2. &3. Are to show you an example of it folded over twice.

B. Cut out 2 skirt pieces, with stretch going across the width. (pics 4-6)
     -The top width should be the same as the waistband. Then angle out in an “A” shape until the
       desired length is reached. I used a pair of my daughter’s pants for the length measurement
       since she wasn’t around when I made it.
      -Open each piece up and cut straight up as far as you want. I don’t cut any higher than the crotch
C. Cut out 2 triangles for insert. (pic 7)
     -I just open the skirt slit up as wide as I want and cut out a piece that is the size of the triangle it
      creates. It doesn’t matter which way the stretch is going for this piece. You can see in the grey
      striped skirt I had to sew a few pieces together to get a piece big enough to create the triangle.

D. For both sides: Pin the triangles in slit cut in skirt. The right sides of both fabrics will be touching.
     Sew in place. I have the tip of the triangle piece go further up so I sew more of a curve at the top
     than a distinct point. I find it easier to sew that way and it looks good. (pic 8).
E. Place both waistband pieces together, right sides facing. Pin and sew together down the sides (the
     length). (pic 9)
F.  Place skirt pieces pieces together, right sides facing. Pin and sew down each side. (pic 10)
G. Turn skirt right side out and fold waistband in half. Pin open edge of waistband to to top of the
     skirt making sure to match up the side seams (pic 11). Sew waistband on.
H. Bottom will not be even, so lay flat and cut across the bottom once again to desired length. Finish 
     the bottoms raw edge if you like. I serged it, but you can simple to a zigzag stitch or sew two lines
     around the bottom. (pics 12&13).

Then when wearing the skirt, fold the waistband over one more time to help hold in place.

maxi skirt with triangle insert tutorial

PS: We found this cool shirt in the boys section at Old Navy. The cut was very much boyish, so we cut it up. You just cut the neck off and cut a small v in front and a long v in back. Then cut sleeves off. I had to cut them a little further down after adding the ties in the back because it made the arm holes too tight. I tied on a scrap piece of leather to the back to pull it in. I love the texture it adds and it washes perfectly.

PSS: I love seeing your creations, so please feel free to leave a link if you share what you made using this tutorial or send me an email if you want :)

maxi skirt with triangle insert tutorial
maxi skirt with triangle insert tutorial
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