The Mini Me Cardigan

What do you do when you have a cute little dress, for a cute little girl, but it needs a cute little cardigan to go with it, and you cannot find one in her size to match? (take a breath here).

Well, you can always can a bigger one that matches and resize it! And it doesn’t take long at all and probably saves money.

PS: This is the dress I made from a dish towel, using the As You Like it Pattern with some of the optional changes.

To get started, grab a cardigan sweater you want to resize. Try to grab one that doesn’t have a super large neck or that doesn’t dip too much.

Mini Me Sweater Remake

Then grab a shirt that fits the little one, or use shirt pattern. Then place it right on the top of the cardigan and cut around it, making sure to leave seam allowances. Try to make it a little bigger if you want it to go over bulkier clothing.

Mini Me Sweater Remake

Then it looks like this.

Mini Me Sweater Remake

Turn inside out and pin the sides. Then sew 1/4″ down the bottom of the sleeves and sides of the cardigan.

Mini Me Sweater Remake

Cut the ribbing from the bottom of the sleeves and bottom of the cardigan. Cut enough, plus seam allowance, to go around each part: 2 for the sleeves and a long piece for the bottom. I sewed the sleeve pieces together, then put them on the sleeves to sew. But the bottom isn’t connected, so I turned the front sides in and sewed it down so the edge wasn’t raw.

Mini Me Sweater Remake

This completed made for a fun matching Thanksgiving outfit. I hope everyone had a great holiday or just took some time to think about the good things in life, even if they seem few.

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  1. says

    She is so cute! :) I have a bunch of shirts that I no longer fit into and have been holding onto for some time. I’ll have to try to size them down with this sort of idea… thanks!

  2. says

    Hello! I love this idea. I featured it on my blog today! Love if you stopped by! And if you don’t mind – while your there clicking on my widget. Each click we get P&G is donating 1 days worth of water! Thanks!


  3. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for posting instructions with pictures on how to complete this project. I just finished transforming one of my old cardigans into a mini version for my daughter and I love it!!! The pictures were just sloop helpful.

  4. says

    I just did this for my daughter, and I’m so thrilled by it! Because of the way the sleeves on the sweater were attached, you can’t even tell it’s been adapted! Thank you so much!!

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