More Coral for My WIP

I’m being slower on this than I thought I would, but here are a few more pieces I have finished for my wall art I’m working on.

More Pieces for my WIP

Some grey coral and green coil things.

Pipe Cleaner Coral

The beginning of a piece of coral with the Wonder Pets looking on. I couldn’t figure out a way to crochet this type of coral, so I made it out of pipecleaners and then crocheted on top of it. I need to clean it up a bit. I didn’t have enough of the yarn I used to cover it as good as I wanted, but I didn’t want to go to the store and buy more either. SO, we’ll see what I do. I highly recommend using pipe cleaners in the color of the yarn you are going to use. It would have made this a lot more easier with the small amount of yarn I used.

Covered in Yarn

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