My Best Friends Bachelorette Party

I know I’m doing a lot of posts, but I saved all the pics on my parent’s computer and don’t have a way to save them and take them home (Plus I’m too lazy to deal with it). So, I’m trying to cover all the events that happened. The weekend before last, I not only had my daughter’s birthday party, but I threw my friend’s bachelorette party as well. I had an absolute blast!

We started off at a really nice restaurant.

Waiting at the Restaurant

We then retired to a hotel room

Gifts for all!
The Thank You Gift Bag to all who came
The Bachelorette's Attire
I made this shirt for my friend to wear and bought some pretty flowers for her to keep.

Where we played a game

The Bride to Be
The Bride To Be
Putting the Head Pieces together

Game Time!

The Group
I made up a variation to the Toilet paper wedding dress game. I filled up a bag for each of them with random things (tissue paper, straws, balloons, plate, spoon, etc.). They had ten minutes to create a headpiece to wear to a wedding. This was the final outcome :) Doesn’t it look like stuff you would see on the runway? lol. They all seemed to have fun.

Did a home spa hand scrub

Trying a handmade oatmeal scrub
We used this recipe and it was amazing and so easy! I had given them each a bottle of the new scent “P.S. I love you” from Bath and Body works to use after the scrub.

Gave the bachelorette some gifts

The Fun Kit

I made her “the kit” and added a new one I had forgotten about: Wrap up a stick of red lipstick and attach this-

Start your husband’s day off right. Leave a message on the mirror with this lipstick that he will see when he first turns on the light.

I remembered a few more, but I didn’t have enough time to do them all.

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  1. says

    I love the idea of making headpieces as one of the games. If I am ever involved with planning a bridal shower, I am going to include this as one of the activities.

    Thanks for sharing all of your ideas with us!

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