My Bridesmaid Dress

Keren asked us to buy a black dress to wear, preferably one from Davids Bridal. I went right onto Ebay and found this dress for $20. When I received it however, it was different than what I thought it would be. In the pic on Ebay, it was on a hanger, so I thought the top went further down and I couldn’t tell that it had a train. Once I tried it on, I liked the fit, but the train had to go. I pulled it up in the middle and just tacked it into place to create a bustle looking style.

Back of my outfit

I made the bolero/shrug (whatever you want to call it). I used a t-shirt to create the jacket part, then used this tutorial to figure out how to do the ruffle part. I was very inspired by Bonzie (her creations are amazing!!!!!). One day, I will buy some of her stuff….

Down the alley

All three of us together

PS: I did my own hair using Bumpits (they work!). I bought mine on Ebay, but you can buy a set of three at Walgreens for only $10 if you want to try them. I unfortunately saw this good deal after I purchased mine.

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    I haven’t checked in lately, wow have you been busy, is it time to start a wedding biz? You are so talented! love it all, showed my hubby your pic, he was most impressed!

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    I love what you did with the dress. Especially the train trick and bolero, I love shrugs. A few weeks ago I stayed at a hotel and watching late night infomercials I saw Bumpits, I was drifting but I told myself I would get some and try them. When I got home I remember the infomercial but not the name at all. So thanks. I’m going to Walgreens now.

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