My new shirt

If you read my post yesterday, you have seen this shirt already, but I want to share more about it. I have finally been making a few things for myself and am having so much fun with it! It’s so much more satisfying having what you really want than for settling for what you can only find in a store. I made this shirt just how I wanted it and I love it! I found this fabric at Walmart for $1.50/yd! It didn’t take long to finish since I didn’t do anything to the edges, except for the bottom.

Front of my new shirt

It’s basically four pieces of fabric with a waistband and ruffle in front. I did a sort of pleating thing to the front top piece and I shirred the back top piece.

Back of my new shirt

Off to think of more fun clothes to make!

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    Loved the tutorial on yesterday’s clutch. Any chance you would do a tutorial (or just a few more details) on this top? I could probably some close with the picture and your comments, but it might take a few tries, and I’d love to get it right the first time! Thanks!

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    My Walmart recently remodeled and they took out the fabric department. So bummed…no where am I supposed to binge on fabric @ 1 in the morning?!

    Awesome job on the shirt!

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    I did notice your shirt in yesterday’s post and thought it was very cute…I can’t believe you made it! It is so pretty. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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    “Any chance you would do a tutorial (or just a few more details) on this top?”
    I will def make a tute for it. Just give me a bit because we’re preparing to go to MD this Friday for my bro’s wedding. I will say I will try to get it up by a week from this Friday. :)

    “My Walmart recently remodeled and they took out the fabric department.”
    They did that to the ones nearby when I lived in VA, but then I moved and am so happy the few near us all still have fabric!! I feel your pain.

    “I like your bracelet too btw”
    If anyone wants to know, I got the bracelet at Forever 21 :)

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    I discovered your blog few days ago and I like it very much. I love your shirt! I will follow some of your very nice tutorials, that’s sure! But I don’t know which one I’ll do first!!! Thank you for every one of them!!!

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    Cute top! It look cool and comfortable with a subtle elegance.

    Sadly, many Walmarts are phasing out their fabric session and when I inquired about it I was advised it was because the sales didn’t jusify it, so if you want to keep the remaining stores that do carry it, buy from there as often as you can and also write Walmart and emphasis that you do buy fabric from there and how important to the community it that they keep this in their store (We have more than one Walmart in town and I no longer shop at the ones that do not carry fabric and advised Walmart of this).

    Smaller communties have really been impacted and have read on several blogs that there is no place in town to buy fabric and the next town over that does is 20-50 miles and they either have to go out of town or buy off of the web, which is especially limiting to young crafters that are beginning to school and retired crafters on a very fixed income and may not even have a computer.

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