My Newer Blue Chair

Thanks everyone for the great play food ideas. I just bought some felt today to make the pizza so I will be sharing that one soon. Yesterday, I should have been doing some other things, but I had found this pretty blue tablecloth at TJ Maxx for $3. I knew it needed to be made into something to go in our living room. I measured it and figured I had enough to redo a chair we have. We bought it a while ago off of Craigslist and it was worn. I had always wanted to redo it, and yesterday the nesting bug bit me. Here is what it looked like:
Chair Before

This is it recovered:

Chair After I got my hands on it

I added an extra layer of foam to the the cushions because everyone always complained about it not being comfy. Now it’s a lot more comfortable and pretty.

In use

Happy Labor Day!

ps…… I’m working on some patterns and will be asking for some pattern testers soon. Be on the lookout :)

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  1. says

    “How big was the table cloth you used?”

    It was a 60″ circular one. As you can see though, I only had enough to make the top cover and the side arms. I had to use some white material for the back. But, I might have been able to do it with the whole table cloth, had I not added the extra layers of foam to each cushion.

    “i need a tutorial on how to sew a cover for it. is that what you’ll be creating a pattern for?”

    I just threw the cushions and foam on top of the fabric and pulled the fabric up to see how much I needed to cover the sides. I then cut where I felt like it should be cut. I pinned the front and back together over the cushions, took the cushions out and sewed the edges. I left the hidden part of the cushions open and used ribbon to tie it shut so I can remove it. I actually sewed the fabric right onto the arm pieces. I really just winged it and am glad it actually came out as good as it did!

    The patterns are actually going to be for some softies that I have made before.

  2. says

    I have a chair just like that – it’s sitting sad and lonely upstairs. I should totally recover it, yours looks so much better! I hope I’m around when you call out for pattern testers – sounds like fun!

  3. says

    Very nice, love the patterned fabric, I have been putting off slipcovering my worn furniture, you have inspired me to think about it again. Love the crochet food too, I have been crocheting again, and loving it. Now that I am working full time again, time is really valuable..!

  4. says

    I did the SAME thing with the same kind of rocker in my daughter’s nursery. When we first moved into the house we live in now we had basically NO furniture. His parents insisted on giving us whatever they had lying around regardless of how it looked. I did my best in painting and recovering it and I’m so glad I did because it looks amazing and costs barely nothing.

    Isn’t it nice to know how to sew?

    I love the fabric you used on yours! So modern. Cornflower blue and white are so classic and clean!

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