My Own Ruffle T-Shirt

I took a regular old t-shirt, cut off the sleeves and made skinny strips (like my daughter’s dress here), and made my own ruffle shirt! I like it. I also redid the neckline too because it was too high at first.

Up Close

My ruffle t-shirt refashion

Now, I’m going to try and clean up some before my mom comes to visit tomorrow!!! Yay!! The hubby is away so she’s blessing me with some company :)

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  1. says

    I can’t believe it! I literally just posted almost the exact same tank! I guess great craft minds must think alike. (yeah right, you’re a MUCH better seamstress than I!) Too funny, I like how you did lots of small ruffles on yours, hmmm, perhaps I can dig up another old shirt tomorrow…

  2. says

    That’s so funny, I JUST posted a ruffle shirt on my blog, and then yours showed up on my dashboard. Must be the thing to do! :o)
    Yours looks much better though!!

  3. says

    Wow. I saw your name mentioned on another blog today so thought I would check it out.

    I’m hooked! You are so inspiring! I love your stuff.

    I’ve been sitting here for over an hour just browsing! You make me want to get a sewing machine!

    Wonderful. Wonderful blog!

  4. says

    Well aren’t you just about the cutest thing out there! I found your site tonight after reading your guest post on U Create. I’m so happy you shared this tutorial and that I took the time to check out your site. I LOVE IT!! You can bet I’ll be back again and again. Just a warning- I love to leave comments

    See you soon

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