My Smashbook

my smashbook

I’m not the best person to do creative scrapbooking (although I really tried with Debbie in Jax :) Hi girl!), so I was really thrilled with the new concept behind K&Company’sSmash Book. You might have seen them around. They are in quite a few stores, including Walmart.

my smashbook

I sat down and went through the book when it first arrived c/o K&Company. It is pretty cool, full of pages each with different prints on them. You just do what you like to the pages, whether it be just collecting ticket stubs or holding a photo. It also comes with this cool pen/glue stick which is nifty in and of itself.

my smashbook

I just played around with a few pages real quick. I tried to just use things I had, but there are so many ways you could go about doing this.

my smashbook

My plan is to fill this up this year. I want to add drawings by my daughter, pictures from our adventures, dried flowers from our first real garden, and more.

my smashbook

I’ll even let me daughter do a page or two or more ;) You can see some way better ideas here.

my smashbook

What about you? Have you done a smash book yet?


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  1. says

    When I become a mom, I would like to do it with my kids one day.

    I like your tutorials!

    Have a nice day!


  2. says

    I’m on my second one. I have 5 kiddos and wanna have one for each. I scrapbook and do Project Life too so I get overwhelmed at times :)Love your pages!

  3. says

    Oh, my God! It is absolutely wonderful, I love it, great idea. Too bad you can not buy it in my country, I’ll try to create something similar.

    p.s. I like your blog :)

  4. says

    Just starting a travel Smashbook for a summer in Spain! So glad to see some of your ideas, I’m thinking it will be a perfect way to create a beautiful scrapbook with enough time left to enjoy! :) Loved the post!

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