My Very Own Pair

My has there been a plethora of diy glitter shoes on the web the past few months. I had kind of stayed away from it since so many were doing it, but….. I need some now. So, I’m jumping on the glitter shoes band wagon! Woo hoo! I am part of an event where I need to wear silver peep toe shoes. Ones that others are wearing have glitter on them. Since I will probably never wear these again, I did not want to spend a lot of money.
a little bit of glitter paint
I went to a thrift store and found some peep toe heels and grabbed some glitter paint. In hindsight, I think I should have done the mod podge mixed with glitter method instead. People who have done that seem to have a very great result. I think the glitter glue would be best if the color of the shoe was or close to the color of the glitter. I have done a bazillion (well not really, but it feels like it) coats and I still need to do some more. These have been sitting on our kitchen counter for two days now as I paint on a new coat each time I get a chance. If you are in need of some glitter shoes, there are a bunch of different methods people are sharing. Pick what you want to try and give it a go.
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    I love them! So chic, I need to make myself some. I covered the toe on my daughters boots recently and they turned out great. Now I think it should be my turn to rock the glitter shoes.

    Jeanna @

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    Cute! I did the Mod Podge + glitter method on a pair of black flats and after 4 coats I can still see parts of the original shoe showing through. They look okay, but I feel like I could keep coating forever to really get full glitter coverage. I ended up adding some glitter glue after coat 3 hoping it would help but I think the glitter glue is too fine to do much good. I think the trick must be to have shoes that are a lighter color to begin with, like a white or taupe shoe. I might have to try that next time, but I was going for a free project and used the old black flats I had on hand!

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