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If you read this blog, you know that my daughter is totally into all things art. She just loves to draw, color, and paint. I just let her create all day now. She has learned boundaries of where she can do things and the right times, but she seriously makes things all day. So I was more than excited to receive some fun organic kiddie art supplies from Abe’s Market.


They sent over some Clementine Art Natural Crayon Rocks and Wee Can Too Veggie Tempera Paint (the finger paint here is similar). Both of these items are 100% natural. The crayons are non toxic and made from plant and mineral derived pigments. The paint is even gluten free and dairy free, using organic ingredients and vegetables like beets, pumpkins, and spinach.


Let’s just admire these crayons for a moment. They are spectacular. Miss J carries them around everywhere since we got them. They are a good size and I like how one reviewer of the product said her son can’t break these apart like he can his other crayons. That is a plus! All of the above crayons are from one box.


These are just a few of the many pictures she has drawn using them. The crayons are very good quality.


The paint was fun as well and I like how she could eat it and be okay. This will be good for when miss E gets a little older and starts exploring in the world of arts. You do have to mix the powdered paint with water. Miss J wanted to paint her wooden alligator, which of course this paint wasn’t meant for, but I let her have at it. She painted on some paper as well. The only thing she didn’t like was the smell :D But I explained to her it smells like the plants they are made from and that made her feel better.


I do recommend browsing around on Abe’s Market if you are interested in products that are natural, organic, vegan, eco friendly, etc. There’s jewelry, pet things, food, beauty products (seriously you could be on there all day looking around). And it’s nice to have it there all in one place.

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    What a cool product! I’ll have to keep this one in mind now that I have 3 little peeps at my place (although I think it might be a while before bub will be using them! ;) lol)

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