Nesting: My Own Chalkboard Decor

A little while ago, nesting hit me really hard. I was determined to get as many projects as I had in my head for the past few months finished. I hadn’t decided on what I wanted for baby’s nursery, so I went for other home projects.

Thus the wall in our eating area is now decorated!

I had this large canvas for a while. I was going to use it for something else, but I saw the picture below and knew I would use the canvas for a similar look instead. I used this wonderful chalkboard paint from DecoArt. (Thanks again Mallie :) It only two two little small bottles to cover the whole thing twice like the instructions state.

I had also been collecting plates from Anthropologie while we were living in Jax. They had been sitting in the closet waiting to be put up as well.

I added a few vintage doilies to take up some space until I have more pictures to add once baby #2 arrives.

This is just our lovely little salt water fish tank. It’s so nice. I guess you could say we are just fish people :)

This is a stand I had spray painted yellow a while back. The lovely measuring cups are from Anthropologie and are from a friend of mine back in Jax. The bird salt and pepper shakers were from Target.

It’s so nice to look over from our kitchen now. Much better than a plain wall for sure.

I also made these place mats last summer. I don’t think I ever blogged them. I made them from Anthropologie napkins. A quick little thing to spruce up the table.

Want to have your own chalkboard picture thing? Here are some more chalkboard/picture inspiration that I have found:

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

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  1. says

    We homeschool and I’m dying to have a giant blackboard. But we have textured walls so I’m trying to come up with something. Love all these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Love what you did with the dining room! I am kinda obsessed over chalkboard paint myself. Me and the kids just did a neat little project with it last night. Isn’t it great to get so much done during the nesting phase? I love it! Makes me [*yawn] TIRED, but I love it. :D

  3. says

    We have a chalkboard door on our old pantry door. Though I’ve been to busy being exhausted from pregnancy to do anything with it other than our gender reveal party. My energy comes back right because I feel like I have a better shot getting my mind back than my energy at this point!

    Glad I found your blog! :)

  4. says

    I love the idea… I am inspired to have a big chalkboard wall and have my list of 30 before 30 for everyone to see. That way everyone knows my goals and which ones I have achieved.

  5. says

    It looks very nice, all together – the board, the lamp and plates. It’s nice when you can realize your ideas right on the place! I also liked very much (from other projects) the feet and “Dwell”, looks like it leaves some space for kids to play around. Otherwise what is chalkboard is for?

  6. says

    That looks sooooo cute! I love chalk board stuff. I’ll to pin a pic and post something on my blog this weekend but we just redid an old school desk for my daughter and did the desk top in a chalk board finish.

    Its such a fun was to decorate!

  7. says

    Hey–great post!! Love the chalkboards everywhere!!! Just wanted to point out real quick that the board you have with the little boy pointing up to the family feet Your first example) actually belongs to Ashley Ann of “Under the Sycamore” blog. I think the site where you pinned it from has that link on there–might have been confusing as she was doing a round up sort of thing too. I have followed her blog ( for a while now, and she is insanely talented! Thought she should get the “credit” here :-)

  8. Anonymous says

    I love your wall with the chalkboard and the plates!

    I was just wondering where you bought the fish tank, I want to get one for our place but haven’t been able to find a good starter kit for a salt water tank.


  9. says

    “I was just wondering where you bought the fish tank, I want to get one for our place but haven’t been able to find a good starter kit for a salt water tank.”

    All I know about this tank is that it came from Petsmart. My hubby is the one into it and all :) I do know he got a great deal on it though!

  10. says

    “what did u use to pin your pics up?”

    I just used double sided tape. But, you could use the chalkboard paint that has the magnetic stuff in it (or I think you paint over something metal…) and then use magnets to hold them up.


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