New PJ’s

I am trying to begin making pajamas for my little girl now. It is just outrageous how expensive pajamas can be, unless you get them on clearance. They are also usually too tight around her wrists and ankles, or way too long. I wanted them to be comfy, so I used t-shirts and knits of mine.

From my shirts to her pj's

This was my first go at it. I created the pattern myself and went for a faux kimono shirt look. I like this way the best so far, but I did try another method to go for the same look on another one.

With Bubbles the Cat

Made with a t-shirt from our anniversary trip

Here is the second one I made her. I did it differently, but it came out good. She really likes it because it has flamingos on it. She didn’t want to take it off! I made it from a t-shirt I picked up on our anniversary trip. I figured the pj’s would be her souvenir.

Key West PJ's

Then she decided to be her little monkey self and have fun climbing on everything instead of letting me take pictures.

My little monkey in action

Needless to say, she did fall. But, she didn’t hurt anything :)

Getting ready to fall
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    I too have made sleep pants for my boys. I went into Wal-Mart one day and the store had $10 on sleep pants. I bought a pattern and some flannel and made them for my 3, my 2 nieces and 2 neighbor kids. I probably would have been money ahead to buy the $10 pants but I had so much fun making them for the kids! When they outgrew them last year I went back to the store and bought the larger pattern and started all over again. Your kimono style is adorable and what a cool way to use up some of your old t-shirts! Way to “upcycle”! BTW love the picture of Little Miss climbing out of the crib. Boy, does that bring back memories!

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