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We are back in sunny Florida and getting things back in order. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am super excited to have another sponsor! What’s even cooler is that the creator (Nina) of all the beautiful things in the Etsy shop You Are My Sunshine is a Floridian and pretty close to where we live! Here are some of her creations that I find fun (each picture is linked to item in her shop):

Here is a bit about Nina in her own words.

“Hi! My name is Nina and I live in the sunny and warm city of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.
Jessica, this blog’s creator, is my neighbor!
I live with my husband and my 2 sons.
Currently I work at home running my business and helping my husband run his.
My day is occupied with Etsy, computers, my kids and all the other tasks associated with being a mommy
and a wife.
I am very happy to be here and share with you.”

1.What has inspired you as an artist?
Ever since I can remember, I loved decorating using vibrant colors, shapes and different
media. Our house in the Philippines had a mixture of Asian and vintage style
decorations. Even today, I strive to blend my husband’s European taste for Lladro
figurines and Salvador Dali prints with vintage and antique shabby decor.
I started making jewelry about 6 years ago as a way to relax after very stressful days at
work. My sister-in-laws were budding jewelry makers also and we often shared ideas and
loved going to craft and bead shows together.
I started thinking about selling my jewelry because I was reaching the point of having
too many pieces! I literally have a piece of hand made jewelry to wear for every day of
the year.

2.What is the first thing you remember making?
My parents enrolled me in a water color painting class one summer and I painted vivid
watercolor pictures of flora and fauna. I also painted a self-portrait. I hung these paintings
in my room as a collage for many years.

3. Are there artists (famous or not) that have influenced your work?
My aunt is a gifted jewelry designer from Spain. She owned a jewelry store for over 2
decades and has designed and made jewelry for many years. She taught me the patience
and discipline of working with very small objects, bending metal and manipulating wire
to create one of a kind pieces. My day is filled with thoughts of the next necklace I want
to create with vintage components, fabric, beads.

4. Are there people in your life that have inspired you or your artwork?
My husband is my staunchest supporter. He is a manly man type of guy, a macho man.
He does not wear jewelry nor does he want to.
When I show him a piece that I created, he sees it as worn by a woman and how it would
enhance one’s natural charms. He is often admiring of the intricacies or simplicity of my
designs. I come to him for “physics” questions like “how will I attach this vintage
brooch to a chain and prevent it from drooping?”

5. Is there a moment in your life when you knew you were supposed to be an artist?
Every day. When I finish a piece of jewelry. When I photograph it. When it makes me
smile. I know that this is what I love doing the most.

6. What materials do you like to work with? Why do you choose those?
I had started out with semi-precious gemstones and pearls. I have evolved into using
vintage fabrics and vintage pieces. I thoroughly appreciate the pragmaticism and
romance of reusing and recycling. Recycling fabric and vintage jewelry guarantees
uniqueness. I cannot mass product my items because I cannot always just go the Joann’s
and buy the fabric. I can make limited quantities of most items because once I use up all
the material, I cannot make any more.

7. Is there a special technique or process you use that makes your work unique?
I have no special technique. I use my imagination. I like making multi-purpose jewelry. I
like the challenge of designing a necklace that can be worn in 2 or more ways or a cuff
bracelet that can be used as a choker, belt sash or a brooch when detached from the cuff.
When I go to the flea market or yard sales and I see a vintage piece of jewelry or a worn
beaded vintage necklace, I conjure up a new life for these pieces that combine color and

8. What does creating art mean to you?
Creating art means creating something beautiful, affordable, versatile and unique. Just like everyone has a talent,
every woman is beautiful. I want my jewelry to bring that inner glow, that radiance that is in every woman to come out.
That radiance has nothing to do with make-up. It has to do with self-confidence and the feeling of self-worth. I want my
jewelry to make a woman feel that she is the centerpiece and my jewelry is simply plays
the supporting role in this magnificent being, herself.

9. Does your work have a theme to it?

I am drawn to romantic, shabby, vintage, ultra feminine.

10.What goals do you have for yourself as an artist?

My goal is to never stop creating. I don’t think that a person needs a lot of money for supplies to create something of beauty. One of my most cherished possession is a summery pink paper hat my younger son created in kindergarten. He gave it to me for me for Mother’s Day a few years ago. It is made of newspaper, some poster paint, ribbon and love of a child for his mom.

Now, go check out her beautiful things here :)

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