O, o, o, do you see some O’s???

My daughter calls oreo cookies “O’s”. I whipped these up two weekends ago, while enjoying a quiet naptime, using this tutorial.

Crocheted Oreos

Those quiet times are rare now. She’s going through a no nap stage that I hope will stop soon. I still have her take a quiet time, but she doesn’t really stay quiet and protests a lot. It’s another transition phase in many ways. We have also been completely paci free for a week and a half now! We were still letting her sleep using it, but she was becoming way too clingy to it. So, poof! The pace fairy came and took it away for another baby. She also decided it was time for her to climb out of her crib (I was kind of hoping she never would, like I did, and we could wait a little longer to switch to a toddler bed). So we converted her crib to the toddler bed. Whew. So many changes in such a short amount of time. There’s my motherhood big moments of late.

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  1. says

    We too are going through a no-nap phase with our 2 1/2 yr old. YIKES! I’m not ready to give us his naps yet…but quiet time will have to be enforced as Mama is a better Mama when the kiddos have quiet time :)

  2. says

    Cute cookies! My daughter is always looking for new crochet patterns and I know she’ll love these.

    Keep enjoying the baby journey…as you know it goes by so quickly. My oldest is just about taller than me now and, I swear, it has gone by in a blink of an eye!

    ps your blog is terrific!

  3. says

    ok, i thought those were real! lmao i was expecting a recipe, and got a crochet pattern! those are so cute! my little man is starting to change his routine too…its killing me!!!

  4. says

    Just wanted to say that we went through a no nap phase after we switched to a toddler bed and after we pulled the paci, but I’m happy to report that my 2.75 year old is back on her napping schedule and the no nap phase only lasted about a week each time. Luv your blog by the way.

  5. says

    its so good to hear others say that the no-nap thing is happening to them too…I mean, I’m not happy that any of us are going thru it, but I’m glad that I’m not he only one. My 3 1/2 year old has been protesting. We “rest” on the couch while watching a little movie or somthing…but not witout MUCH convo about it. Oh the joy of it all. And, uh…the O’s…all I have to say is OOOOOOOOOO……

  6. says

    When I first looked at the pic I thought they were real. I was just about to ask for the receipe…lol

    We r going through a no nap phase to I have an almost 3 yr old and a 4 yr old, both boys. I enforce the nap to because it helps mommy (me) get a break an refresh before finishing up the rest of the day…lol
    I’ve been getting alot of mommy ur not my friend…lol Oh the joys of mother hood :~}

  7. says

    Those are precious! Our 2.5 year old went through a no nap stage last week. NOT FUN! I hope this is just a phase and they’ll all go back to their sweet little napping selves.

  8. says

    Hello! It’s the first time I’ve come to your blog..I thought, “Wow, those look great cookies, and ooh, there’s even a tutorial”. Hmm. Guess the word ‘tutorial’ not ‘recipe’ should have stopped my mouth watering straight away! They do look fab though.

  9. says

    I helped babysit my 2 1/2 year-old niece for three weeks, and she too went through a “no-nap” phase. There completely is NO quiet time with her, as well. Haha. But those O’s are lovely. Looks so real, they’re almost tasty!!!

  10. Jessica says

    Sorry to hear about the naps (or lack thereof). I miss nap time at our house too. I love the cookies!!! I know you made donuts too, but what other crochet food have you made? Such a great idea. Thanks for your awesome blog!

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