The Octopus Pattern is All Ready

The Octopus Pattern is all ready to go! It’s up in the shop and is available in PDF format. I’m going out of town again tomorrow, but I will still be able to email it while away.

We had a good time in VA and NC. We saw lots of family. Here are a few pictures from our adventure (Oh, how I do miss the cooler weather!)

Trying to coax a goat to stick it's head out

More cousins

Feeding Birds

On the John Deere Tractor

Fort Box

Hanging with cousins

Beach in NC
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  1. says

    Yay! I already jumped over to your shop and bought it! I’m super excited! I’ve seen all the adorable ones people have made, and been waiting (not very patiently) I can’t wait to make one for my daughter!!

  2. says

    Thanks ladies :)

    “Just curious where in NC you went.”
    It was the OBX :) My family, on my mom’s and dad’s side, goes down there a lot. I grew up going there every summer. It’s a wonderful place.

  3. says

    you have a beautiful family and I am in love with your blog! Thanks for sharing all the great ideas!
    I’ll be sending my friends from over to see your creative and crafty ideas.

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